Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Favorite Spring Projects*

*To date

Hey everyone! I know that snow's melted and the weather's warming up in most of the country (we've already had our first 100 degree day, so we've moved on from Spring to Summer!), so it's time to get outside and soak up some SUN!

Here are a few of my favorite outdoor projects that I hope will inspire you to go out and ENJOY!

First, one of the first plans that I drew up (and a popular build!), a covered sand box with built-in seats!

(this one was built by user SARA1)

Find the plans here.

Next up is my shed. I love my shed, and know that it's a great place for gardening/pool equipment (Not that I use it for that - but I could!).

Find the plans here.

A great way to organize the yard tools that might go inside the shed is to build something like my yard tool storage caddy (putting it on casters might make it even better..!).

Read about this, here!

After you've gotten all of your tools organized, you should be all set for gardening! You'll need a potting bench, won't you?!

Read about that (and get to the plans) here. 

Now, after you've grown your plans, you'll need somewhere to PUT THEM!

Check out my woven back trellis planters here! (but don't laugh at my writing, I had way too much candy that day!)

Oh, they go with this bench.

But I have to admit that my favorite Spring projects aren't something I've built, but sewn.

I've made the girls a few skirts using the pattern I blogged about here, and just love seeing them run around in them without a care in the world.

And with that, I think I want to water my plants, or pull some weeds, or something "Springy". How's your Spring weather? Are you still frost bitten, or does it feel like summer already?


  1. So many awesome projects Gina! I love the little skirts too my daughter would be so happy if I made her one. And we have had great weather...until yesterday, we are at almost 9 inches right now, yep snow! Ugh! It had better melt quick! Pinned!

    1. Thanks Mindi! I swear I replied to your comment! I hope the snow's melted by now (can we say "UGH!"?). Thanks for stopping by, as always! xoxo

  2. Such a very useful article you have this time i love to read your article. I like your ideas to decor home outdoor. Thanks

  3. Hi there. I saw your plans on the sandbox. Are there any concerns with the lid not being completely sealed when it's closed? (i.e. the gaps between the planks).

    I am primarily thinking of critters or random debris going into the box when not in used. Would attaching canvas or some other fabric to the top of the lid/back side of the chairs be a good idea?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hey! So, I don't see any problem with it being left unsealed, but all I think is that most sand boxes don't have covers, so debris/critters could get in anyway (but OMG we have lizards everywhere and I could totally see one getting in there and leaping onto my face to eat me alive when I open it now that you said that!!!!).
      Overreaction aside, I think that it's fine. However! If it makes you feel better to put some canvas to cover the cracks, then go for it! Small critters could still make it in, I'm sure, but it'll keep the flesh eating lizards out!

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