Thursday, May 1, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Gift

Next week is Teacher (and Staff!) appreciation week, and, as I said before, I suck at gift-giving.

Again, bring on Pinterest!

This time I couldn't find anything under the Big Kid's teacher's Pinterest account, so I looked under general "Teacher Appreciation Gift" pins, and was really not thrilled with most of the things I saw. I don't want to make a lemon and sugar body scrub because I think everyone has their own preferred health & beauty items... Or something "teacher" themed... I think that's impersonal, because teachers aren't only teachers! They're parents, marathoners, musicians, secret (or not-so-secret) sci-fi geeks (and I know one reader knows that I'm talking about him!).. They're PEOPLE! Who could probably use just one monogram made from crayons.

I happen to know that the Big Kid's teacher has two young girls, so I would imagine that getting out of the house to do things as a family is a little more difficult than she'd like, so when I saw this pin, I fell in LOVE!

And then clicked over and saw that it's $50. When, I know for a fact that Dollar Tree sells that exact popcorn container, and nearly all of those candies...

So I went to Dollar Tree, spent $6 (and change) and got some supplies.

Then I went to Redbox's website and ordered a promo code bundle of 5 movies for $6 (this was a little confusing because the website says that you can order and print them by clicking that link, but I couldn't find just a "print" option - so I just had them emailed to myself) and printed it off.

And for just over $12, we're giving her a relaxed movie night in that I hope shows her that she's super appreciated, and let's her share it with her family.

With that, I think I've given my second not-so-bad gift (probably of my life)!

What are your favorite Teacher Appreciation gifts to give (or receive!)? Have any go-to gifts? I need all the help I can get!!


  1. Well this time it doesn't looks like that you are sucking at gift giving and I think that this will be a good gift for you teacher. Hope that your teacher also likes it.

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