Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Operation Organize Kid's Closets - This Sucks

I don't know if this is common when you have kids, or if it's just us, but our kids' closets are taken over by stuffed animals!

Both girls have these huge boxes filled with stuffed animals in each of their closets, and Baby Goats has boxes of clothes that the Big Kid's outgrown in hers, and I really wanted to reclaim some of this space!

We've gone through and gotten rid of all of the stuffed animals that the girls are okay with parting with, and I won't force them to get rid of the ones that they want to keep, so I thought that I could use the vacuum seal bags to store them and have them take up less space.

How awesome is it that they're sold at Dollar Tree..?

I bought four of them to start with, figuring that, if they worked, I'd just buy more!

So I followed the instructions, which said to fill the bag, close by pressing firmly with the blue tab (it's like a ziplock), and suck the air out with a vacuum.

I had to sit on and bend and press the bag to get as much air out as I could, but I ultimately got it as flattened as I think it could've gotten.

And it wasn't much smaller than it was pre-sucking-the-air-out.

I felt deflated.

However, the bag was smaller, so I finished up and filled the rest of the bags that I'd bought. And two weeks later they look like this.

You can't even tell that the air was sucked outta them!

So, back to square one! In an attempt to organize the closets, I have to figure out how to deal with the stuffed animals.

How do you contain the stuffed animals? Have any brilliant storage solutions? Preferably ones where they're out of sight (and out of mind!?)?


  1. My daughter also loves stuffed animals but doesn't always want them all over the place so I bought a net to hang above her bed. It holds all of them and looks super cute!

  2. I had a lady show me a picture of a stuffed animal holder one time as asked if I would be able to build it. It ended up being very easy to build...I would recommend securing to the wall so little ones wont pull it over on them. The bars are from a roll of bungie cord I ordered. You could probably make one that went across the top of the room (on its side maybe) so that it wont take up floor space. I cant get the picture to load on here but I will try to get it to load to my ana-white brag account (givehugsprn). I have since built several of them as gifts and people love them!