Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I think my Spring Fever is cured. Just took a bit of lounging, grazing and coffee drinking. Dr's orders!

When I was talking about having Spring Fever, I'd mentioned that I had a big project, and that I'd rather be sewing Springtime skirts for the girls. Well..

Here's my big project. It's almost finished! But, if you'll notice in the top right corner, I had some stain... umm.... "issues".

I think "issues" is the nicest way to put it. This stain is ORANGE. And, like I mentioned on my Facebook page, it's not in a good way! So I returned that horrible stuff (Cabot's "Mahogany Flame" - so you don't make the same mistake :-p) and bought some untinted wood finish. There'll be "after" pictures of my work set-up VERY soon! YAY!

In the mean time, I had some Spring skirts to sew!

Both skirts were sewn using Dana at MADE's market skirt pattern

Baby Goats' has the gathered pockets and a white bottom hem (my favorite). And the big Kid's uses the same polka dotted fabric throughout! After I finished sewing these, I took the girls outside for some Springtime pictures!

Now, I feel like I can get back to work without the urge to sew cutesy spring stuff :o)

Today's my Monday - so how was your weekend?!


  1. Beautiful..both building and sewing projects!!! Are you going to post plans?!?

    1. Of course! These plans were drawn up by Ana White, so they'll definitely be posted to her site when I've finished the shed :-)

  2. Love the polka dots. Cute littles! Ana still needs to do a chicken coop. Your building looks amazing.

  3. I love it! And the girls look so cute!

  4. Why do you insist on calling yourself lazy when you are always working on something new?!!! Build looks great and those skirts are adorable. Even more precious are the models. Too cute! Great work as always!

  5. Come to el paso and build a shed for me! I am TRUE lazy!