Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Operation Organize Garage: What a Tool

Had a garage sale over the weekend.

Still can't show you my entire garage...

There are boxes the size of the kids' rooms in there.

Don't ask.

I'll tell you what you CAN ask about, though!

My garage to-do list!

  • Build/Buy another shelving unit and maybe put them side-to-side along the back wall. done here
  • Build a lumber storage rack  read about that here
  • Figure out bike organization (plans mentioned here)
  • Create a mud room system along the right wall (check it out here)
  • Move metal shelving to back wall pics to come!
  • Create yard tool organization
  • Paint door + trim (a little far fetched, but it's so dirty that I'm thinking a darker color would save my sanity)
  • Maybe I'll get around to cleaning the floor.... (this one is REALLY far-fetched)

  • Are you seein' what I'm seein'?

    Because I'm seein' a nearly completed list!

    I'd mentioned here that I wanted to take ideas from two retail yard tool organizers to DIY my own. As you can tell, I got most of the [p]inspiration from this guy.

    with a few mods...

    To figure out where to begin, I drew up a design in Sketch Up

    The plan was to have PVC pipes on the front and back to hold tools for quicker access. I also didn't want the dividing boards placed on top of each other, like in the inspiration photo, so I figured out how to make a "dado" cut without a dado blade on the table saw.

    I figured out where I wanted the boards to intersect quite strategically..

    By eyeing it and tracing them with a colored pencil... ;-) (if you're wondering, I am a good chess player...)

    Then I had to figure out how to accurately set the depth of my table saw.

    Since a 1x2 is 1 1/2" wide, I marked a scrap at 3/4" (half of the 1x2) and clamped it to the fence of my table saw, with the blade completely lowered. Then I turned on the blade and slowly raised it until I saw the cut reach the mark I'd made.

    Then I clamped my pieces together and ran them over the blade between the marks I'd made earlier.

    Be careful when you do this - those little "shards" can become projectiles. The remaining wood pieces can be removed with a chisel, or probably even a flat head screwdriver and a hammer or mallet.

    Dry-fit the pieces...

    Get excited because, for your first time, you did pretty frickin' amazing (this step is optional - especially if you notice that the fit closest to us is a hair off).

    Glue  and nail everything together.

    Then forget to take any pictures until you're finished.

    Oh, is that just me...?


    After everything was put together, I realized that I only had enough room on the front for the push broom. Totally fine, especially since it meant that I only had to cut one PVC pipe.

    I'm pretty sure this is a 1" PVC pipe, and I cut out a 1/2" chunk on the front.

    Drilled into the back...

    And screwed it into the middle of the dividers.

    I also added a hook on the side for quick access to the dustpan.

    Oh, wait! Did I show you the "before" yet? Don't most people do that BEFORE showing the after?

    See way over on the right? How the tools are sitting haphazardly in a Lowe's bucket?

    Look, you can see better here...

    Behind the kid.

    Yes, that big mess...

    Now it's all cleaned up and organized (because we're ignoring all the crap to the right of it for now ;-)).

    WOO HOO! The garage is nearly organized!

    How's your organization coming along?!


    1. >> forget to take any pictures until you're finished

      You are not the only person to do this, you have plenty of company.

      I love how the dust pan still has a label on it [Jumbo DUST PAN]. OCD me would have peeled off that label and then attacked the stuck on parts with Goo Gone. But I suppose that is just me who does that.

      1. I want SO BADLY to remove the peeling sticker - but I know it'll create more work for myself!! *YOU* would find the goo-gone and get it over with... I leave it, letting it bother me every time I use it, because I am too lazy to find something to remove the goo...

        You're more than welcome to come do it for me! :-p

    2. Could you post measurements on your sketch up? This looks awesome.

      1. I will definitely try to get plans drawn up for this :-) I really didn't think anyone else would show any interest in ti! :-p Thanks!

    3. Gina, you crack me up! I love your sense of humor! I totally forget to take pics of my projects until they are done. Forgot it so much, I decided not to try anymore. Just post the "after" photos! :-) Great job on a project that makes life easier AND cleans up the clutter. I'm still struggling with my garage organization, but I WILL get there, I really will! ;-)

      1. I just got the urge to respond to your comment with, "Brill!" - which means that I have to explain that my Brittish friend says that to me instead of "brilliant"... And, this is now a long comment.

        WOO HOO!

        I would love to not try anymore. Brill. You're lucky that you're site allows that. I don't think that'd work for me!!!!

        Good luck with your DEFINITE garage organization. (Is this "definite" like my i'm-"definitely'-going-to-build-a-bike-rack... eventually...?)

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