Monday, February 11, 2013

Operation Organize Garage: Why is this TAKING so long?!

Oh. My. Gosh.

When I started organizing my garage, I had NOOOOO idea it would take forever. Or over a month.

Same thing.

Really, I didn't feel like making a huge project out of it, so I made a short to-do list.

  • Build/Buy another shelving unit and maybe put them side-to-side along the back wall. done here
  • Build a lumber storage rack  read about that here
  • Figure out bike organization
  • Create a mud room system along the right wall (in progress)
  • Move metal shelving to back wall pics to come!
  • [NEW] Create yard tool organization
  • Paint door + trim (a little far fetched, but it's so dirty that I'm thinking a darker color would save my sanity)
  • Maybe I'll get around to cleaning the floor.... (this one is REALLY far-fetched)

  • That doesn't look so bad, right? My favorite part is checking things off, and unfortunately I don't get to check anything off in this post. Rather, I added something. I also want to share what the plans are for the rest of the "stuff" so that it doesn't seem like I'm in over my head (because I was kinds feelin' like that for a while!).



    We have four bikes that we need to store. Two of them need to be easily accessible at all times while the other two will only get occasional use. I plan to do something similar to this for all four bikes (in two locations, so I'll have to build two racks).

    Will share how I modify the idea into a permanent solution, of course.

    Yard Tools!

    We have more shovels and rakes than I feel is necessary, buuut we're not getting rid of any of them (trust me, I tried... Mr. Goats wouldn't have it). I plan to use the image above for a jumping-off point in creating my own DIY tool rack. I may incorporate some ideas from this as well.

    Mud Room!

    I'm painting it! Do you follow me on Facebook? If so, you've already gotten a sneak peek! ;-)

    Click here to check it out... And "like" me while you're there.


    I think I managed to make myself feel like there's more to do than there is. But at least you all know the plan, so you can keep harassing me about it... Y'know... when I don't post for 2+ weeks ;-)

    How's your garage lookin' these days?


    1. I've been going through the same thing, except it was my laundry room taking forever!

      I love these garage posts because that is one of the things on my spring to do list. Excited to see your mudroom area!

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