Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Operation Organize Garage: Mudroom Mania

You guys know how I occasionally get super giddy about something that you probably think, "Yeah..? And..?" about?

Well, I'm super giddy! And if you think, "Yeah..? And..?" about this, then you're more than welcome to come back later.

Because this is freaking exciting!

In my attempt to bring more order to my garage, I created a lazy-girl's to-do list

  • Build/Buy another shelving unit and maybe put them side-to-side along the back wall. done here
  • Build a lumber storage rack  read about that here
  • Figure out bike organization (plans mentioned here)
  • Create a mud room system along the right wall
  • Move metal shelving to back wall pics to come!
  • Create yard tool organization (plans mentioned here)
  • Paint door + trim (a little far fetched, but it's so dirty that I'm thinking a darker color would save my sanity)
  • Maybe I'll get around to cleaning the floor.... (this one is REALLY far-fetched)

  • Let's just get that mud room item checked off, thank you!

    As I mentioned in earlier posts, I'd asked Ana White to draw up the plans for me, and oh boy, did she deliver?! This plan was a concoction of the PB Kids Vintage School Lockers, a cubby with a roll-out bench and PB Modular Entryway Lockers (heh heh.. it's like a plan soup!). I wanted so badly to order the nameplates from Pottery Barn, but to buy two customized nameplates was more than all of the other hardware, combined. And it wouldn't match. So I'll have to figure something else out.... I'm also debating putting some bungee cords on the front of the bench for balls... of course I'll share if I do!

    A system like this needs to be secured to your walls. The bridge should be secured into studs, and for the other pieces to sit flush with the front, they need to be ON the wall, too. Also, pieces taller than they are wide are more likely to tip when kiddos climb on them, and we want to keep those boogers safe. So... SECURE these pieces!

    I'd planned on removing my baseboards and sitting these against the wall since conceptualizing them. Something I failed to notice was that my home's foundation sits above the garage floor, and it juts out into the garage.

    To deal with this, I had to cut my beautifully finished pieces. It was a pain. Take note of your baseboards before painting! I had to make four cuts, so for accuracy, I created a template.

    (isn't that wood grain beautimus? I almost cried when I first put the paint on)

    Nice fit!

    After I secured the pieces to the wall, I took the cell pic below and couldn't help but thinking that it just needed something...

    So I painted the wall and installed all the hardware.

    If you follow me on Facebook, you already got a glimpse of it (if you don't, click over and like me :-)!).

    Obviously, there's a handle on the tall locker and hooks attached to a 1x3 (screwed into studs), but these are my favorite part...

    (something to note: one of my favorite things about PureBond - the plywood I used - is that there are rarely voids in the plies so the need for edge banding is based on preference, not necessity. Also, a mix of the last two photos is a good representation of the blue. The other pictures are coming out really, really bright! Sorry I can't help with the color - it's from the OOPS bin at Lowe's).

    Let's get into some beauty shots. The tall locker has two shelves (but of course I spaced on getting pictures), making it great for storing extra cleaning supplies (or TP - you should always have that in excess!).

    The bridge (cubbies) are great for things you need quick access to (sun screen, gloves, extra change for the ice cream man - we don't have an ice cream man, but we. would. love. that!).

    One locker for each girl. Heavy coats, back packs and swimming "junk" (vest for Baby Goats, floating toys for the big kid) are in there. And did I take a picture?


    You have to try hard to be as awesome as I...

    Up next for my garage organization? A yard sale! I can't get a full shot of the garage because I have gone through every nook of my home, finding stuff that I am sure I won't have any use for anymore (and attempting to sell some furniture that I don't love so that I'll just have to build some that I do!). It's all been dumped in the place I'm focusing on organizing.


    Back to the lockers! Go check out the plans on Ana White's page and bombard her with lovely comments about the plans. It really is an honor to work with her :-)

    **UPDATE** I've added a FAQ post about the mudroom here.

    *I am not being paid for this post, and all opinions expressed are mine - even if I sound like an infomercial ;-) I am being reimbursed for some of the supplies I used, but that hasn't swayed my opinion at all. Promise!


    1. It looks awesome Gina!! Where'd you get that lovely hardware?

    2. Thanks, and EEK! Thanks for pointing it out.. TOTALLY meant to link to the hardware. Fixing it now (but to answer your question here, I got it at Lowe's!)

    3. If you want custom name tags, look for "label holders", and make the label to go in it.

      1. Thanks! I'll take a look to see if there are any large ones (what I liked most about the PB ones was their size!!)!

    4. That looks great! And good idea to paint the wall in the opening under the bridge - that makes a big difference!

      Thanks for the inspiration!!

      1. Are you as surprised as I was?! It made a huge difference!!

        Thanks for stopping by!

    5. For yard tool organization:

      Just hack up a couple of pallets and screw them together.

    6. Very nice! Loving this!!! Has me thinking................

    7. Looks awesome. I do like it painted under the bridge. Looks like one large unit.

    8. Lookin' great! We seem to be on the same wave length! I've been organizing my garage/shop for the last two days! Got me some portable shop furniture now! Yay! Keep up the great work!!!

    9. You did a GREAT JOB! Love the locks on the double Lockers for the girls, where did you get those?

    10. YOU ARE AWESOME! I love this and that you painted the wall it looks just like a built in! So awesome!

      1. THANKS!!! I love that it looks like a built-in, too!

    11. The shelves and locker are really nice - square and close fitting to the wall.
      You make your HOUSEcats do their business in the garage?!

      1. Thank you. And yes, I absolutely make my cats do their business in the garage. Not that I feel the need to justify it, but we have a small house and nowhere to put litter boxes. So they have cat doors and they trot their fluffy little bums out there. Thanks for stopping by.

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    13. I would love to do this in our garage. One do you keep mice and spiders and the like out of your things? That is what worries me about my plan to put one in our garage...I just had a mouse run out at me last night in one of our garage closets!

      1. WHEOOOO that made me shudder. Ew!

        I'm really lucky, I guess, we don't have many rodents to deal with in my neck of the woods. I know some people around have to deal with scorpions, but the worst I have is the occasional lizard (see maybe one a year, unless my cat drags one in... another EW!) or crickets. I can't even start to help you with that one, SORRY! :(

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