Thursday, May 10, 2012

Project Fail: If the Table Fits

Then I'm happy for you, because mine doesn't!

Remember my crappy mock-up of the play room with a nice round table by the window seat?

(heh heh - the crappy archway's gone)

The storage table that I edited into the photo just wasn't ticklin' my fancy, and I wanted something prettier. So I took inspiration from Ry's round provence dining table, and just made it smaller.

the coloring in this photo is off... i effed up my white balance! shhhhh ;-)

And it actually turned out super cute... the thing is...

It just doesn't FIT!

Oh, ignore the kid... still in her pajamas... and with super messy hair... that's how we roll in the mornings.

So we're back to the cheap-o IKEA table (that doesn't fit, too), while I figure something else out.

The round table gets to hang out in Baby Goats' room (which she loves) now.


  1. I guess it's different in person Ms G, because from here it looked like it fit just fine! It's adorable. You HAVE been a busy one!

  2. Gina. It DOES fit! Stop bein' picky and put it by the door for keys or something. The table is AWESOME!

  3. You're right --it doesn't fit but I love it!