Friday, November 4, 2011

Crappy mock-up...

Since I painted the stripes on the wall in the play room, I've had this urge to put oversized yo-yos or fabric florets (like... 12" oversized!) up there in coordinating fabrics. Using my messy picture from yesterdays post, I got into Photoshop and created a crappy mock-up of what I THINK I want.

They would NOT be those colors, but those were the sizes I WANTED. Now I'm thinking those look so DENSE and HEAVY compared to the new light fixtures.

I would obviously NOT be using those colors (I actually have a lot of the polka dot fabric from the window seat cushion, and would probably do a couple with that - and some other LIGHT colors), but I really don't want these big, heavy flower BLOBS oh the wall.

A way that I thought to balance everything was to try to picture how it would look with the table I plan on building when I get over my lazy streak.. so like... never? eventually.

Enter, ANOTHER crappy Photoshop mock-up

No, I do not plan on making another train table. I couldn't get it to look right in Photoshop. DEAL WITH IT!

Anyhow, I think ALL of that just takes any light/airy feeling that was in the room and stomps on it violently until all that's left are dissipating particulates. Is it hard for you to breathe?! Because it is for me!

Ok. Not happenin'.

Since that "vision" totally went out the window, I'm now wondering if I should put ANYTHING on that wall? Or just throw the table in there, and be done with it?

Yeah, that looks SO much better to me. I guess we'll see after the REAL table is built and put in. Unless you have any ideas..? PLEASE?!


  1. What about a whimsical/sculptural mirror...something like a white starburst mirror. It would reflect light, which would help with the 'light and airy' you were going for!

  2. I actually really like that idea of adding texture to that wall. Very cool

  3. My opinion- the wall art looks too heavy compared to the dainty light fixtures. I think the wall is stripy and thus decorated enough. Your view of the room will change after you make and paint/stain the table. Decide later. - Lee-ann

  4. have you thought of doing some string art? I know there are lots of ways to do it but I have seen it done really well on this site:
    and if you used less string it could be less heavy feeling. Just an Idea.

  5. @Audrey Moore That.... is an amazing idea! I'm gonna google the heck out of it now, so if you go to my pinterest page and that's all you see.... sorry :-p