Thursday, November 3, 2011

I wrengled me some cords, y'all!

Yeah, I don't know if I'm good at typing with a southern accent (or "ak-see-unt" as I used to say it... that was one of the last words I was able to "fix" - couldn't say "Wal Mart," "bag," or "accent" without an accent for the longest time!). Wow, love my tangents?! Anyhow, typing with a southern accent may not be my strong suit, but I sure did wrangle some cords!

Remember the awkward cords running down my wall in my Pinterest Challenge post?

here, i'll refresh your memory

Well, they irked Mr. Goats. Actually, I don't think he's completely sold on these lights (probably because there SHOULD be a table beneath them..? maybe?), but the complaints he was able to verbalize (without offending me) were about the cords. So I went to Lowe's and got one of these.

There are cheaper ones that are meant for single cords, but I [obviously] had two cords that needed to be contained. Anyhow, I ripped it open and set to work painting it. That seriously took less than two minutes (most of it was finding something to open my can of paint with). There are adhesive strips on the back, so you just peel those off and attach it to the wall. Shove the cords in and press the front on. Seriously, this thing couldn't have been more simple! The only thing I'm torn about is whether to leave it solid, or to paint the strips from the back wall onto it. Any suggestions?

I bought these pillows a couple of weeks ago with the intention of making pretty covers to match the rest of the play room. But... we all know my motivational issues... it'll get done EVENTUALLY, but they don't bug me a ton for right now.

 We're ignoring my mess, since we're close friends, and all....

I think that improves the look substantially! Makes me want to get the kinds that are meant for baseboards and cover up cords around my bedroom!

Yeah, that probably won't happen.

Anyhow, I think this under $10 fix makes a world of difference! It definitely "cleans up" the look.

How 'bout you? Think it matters at all?


  1. Love it! Looks great. I wouldn't worry about painting the stripes.

  2. @pickygirl hahaha - did you know I was over at your blog... like... JUST NOW?! So you came over to beat me to a comment? Kidding, kidding... :-) THANKS! What are YOUR feelings on the stripes?

  3. I like it a lot! I didn't even notice them at first, but after seeing the "after" shot, the corner definitely looks better with the cords hidden. I'm torn on the stripes -- on the one hand, it would certainly make the cord hider look more like an integrated part of the room, but on the other hand, who's going to notice that much detail? I say leave it for now and make me a toddler slipper chair! ^______^