Monday, May 14, 2012

Gone Grellow

Mr. Goats was asking me what I wanted for Mother's Day last week, and I couldn't think of anything. I knew we can't afford new tools, I got all the fabric that I wanted for throw pillows (whether I made them or not is a different story ;-)), the girls had everything they needed, and the last few things that I want to do for the living room haven't been decided on....

And after sitting with that question for a few hours... on my sofa... with the entire right wall unpainted, right next to me... it clicked.

"I want to finish painting the house" I told him.

Now, Mr. Goats hates painting, and he made it known that he wasn't happy with that request. But it was the only thing I wanted!

Remember this shot? I had done all of this beautiful trim work around the doorways, but you couldn't tell. And there was white drywall compound in all of the corners from when I textured the new drywall after removing the arches. All of this evidence of work being done on the house, and paint would hide it! And I couldn't paint it myself, because the ceiling slopes to 12'!

So we painted! And after 6 months, I could finally rehang my mirror cluster!!!  Now you can NOT tell that there used to be archways here!!!!

Before I get on to the kitchen, let's do a quick before pic of those doorways...

Ohhh, yes, scroll back up just to try to convince yourself it's the same house. If the dog hangin' out by the den and the massive piles of laundry in both pictures aren't enough to convince you, you're just gonna have to trust me on it!

I'm pretty stoked... in case you couldn't tell.... But let's get onto the other side of the room! The back wall of my kitchen hasn't been touched by paint (other than a few testers) since we moved in 2.5 years ago, but I wanted to paint it an obnoxious green. When that wouldn't fly with Mr. Goats, I decided that I wanted to paint it the same color as my "newly" reupholstered slipper chairs (scroll up and bask in their yummy green glory). I was nervous that two accent walls in adjoining rooms might be a bit much, but I was convinced by my purely awesome Facebook fans that as long as they "went", it's fine.

And so we went grellow!

I wasn't sure that a grellow could work in a kitchen, but then remembered that John & Sherry's kitchen is an adorable grellow,


So I was sold.

(the silverware on top of the cabinet is actually the inserts from my dining room wall art, if you can believe it. I plan on hanging it from the ceiling right there, if I don't convince myself to paint it white first...).

I was scared that the wall color would clash with the green counters, but in person, it looks just fine! I debated painting that back wall grellow, too, but laziness prevailed.

This color totally makes me grin, but I have to be honest... I'm not 100% sold. It looks great in some lights, but in others it looks funny with the grey wall and the brown of the cupboards. I've already made it known that I want a white kitchen, but that's probably not going to happen for a while... so I have to figure out if I'm going to live with this color, repaint the wall, or try to convince Mr. Goats to redo the cabinets...

The last option is what I really want, but I know that I'd have to run and hide right after bringing that up to Mr. Goats.

He will NOT be happy about that.

I am happy, though, to have freshly painted walls! How did you all spend Mother's Day!?


  1. LOL - my hubby wouldn't be happy at that thought either. He absolutely hates painting so I do most of it, however, he's so much better and quicker at it. No fair! It looks great. If you aren't happy with how it goes with the other wall, well you could always paint the whole kitchen your grellow. I don't know. Just a thought. Either way, good job and Happy Belated Mother's Day! :)

  2. I never ask my hubby to paint. Instead I buy the paint, starting taping areas off, and he ALWAYS takes over. He claims he doesn't like painting either, lol, but I think it's in his 'man code' that painting is his job. Who am I to argue? We both know that I humor him on some things and this just leaves me more time to come up with new projects :)

    1. Can I tell you how lucky you are?! :-p Mr. Goats used to hate when I painted so he would do it, but then I showed that I was actually competent, and it doesn't do it anymore. DANG IT!