Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Breaking My Own Rules

For the longest time, I've known that doing something "temporarily" n.e.v.e.r. ends up being temporary. So, for the longest time, there has been absolutely nothing on the wall above my sofa. I wanted to wait until I could either buy/make frames for a gallery wall, with some amazing lighting and beautifully edited photos.

By now, we've all seen my crappy mock-up..

Which I've started to bring to life when I recovered the slipper chairs and painted the wall blue.

Then I threw another project on my to-do list, and added a geometric design above the plant ledge and started bringing in thought-out throw pillows.

But there's still the whole gallery wall to tackle. And DIYing it will be a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a lot of frames, but I still have to buy the glass and have it cut to size, which means it's not going to be as cheap as I'd want.

And I'm just tired of there not being anything on my wall.

So here's my temporary solution.

I got the idea when I was writing a post and trying to get the link to my Squared2 post. I googled "Lady Goats Squared2", and Ana White's page came up! Her squared2 queen headboard popped up, and I thought, "Hey! That would look good in here!" (and, upon further investigation, someone else had already done this as wall art!!). Niiice! So I bought a 2x2 (and used scraps for the rest), and spent a nap building this.

I thought about painting it white, but you would all have expected that, right?

So it got 2 bottles of Valspar's New Avocado spray paint and screwed into the studs.

But let me point out a few other things about this picture!

First, I have a serious laundry folding issue.

And I got a new tray for all my coffee table books and new fabric to make pillow covers out of (the blue on the left is Waverly's "Fun Floret Spa", and I can't remember what the green one is called!). There's also the cord for the lighting on the plant ledge that's sticking up on top. Ew. The shelves will balance the wall a little (making it kind of symmetrical, without using another leaning shelf).

And I am asking you all now to keep bothering me about my temporary solution! As much as this big, green, geometric design on my pretty blue wall makes me smile, it's just not what I ultimately want.

It's. Only. Temporary!


  1. Looks really nice. That's a lot of work for just temporary!

    1. It was actually really, really easy! Helped that I used my finish nailer wherever possible, and did it on the ground in the kitchen so that I could watch TV while I was doing it ;-)

  2. Ah, the beauty of multi-tasking, ha!

  3. Hi! I'm stopping by to check things out and I think I'm sucked in! Here are my ideas for your room:

    I'm thinking a tall floor lamp in the corner with a large drum shade would balance out the height of the ladder shelf on the left instead of floating shelves. An off white shade would contrast nicely against that beautiful blue wall.

    I love your green wall thingy, it looks great. You could make it more casual and tack black and white photos to the front or even hang framed pics. I built the ten dollar ledges over my sofa to fill up the space, but it usually looks like junk because I just throw things up there and don't put as much thought into it.

    What about a mirrors? I have a collage of mirrors that are hung over my console table. I LOVE them, I think it's my favorite part of the house. Different metals, finishes and shapes give texture and depth, but I love the reflective quality they give too. I also like to "float things" on them with suction cups. They're fun.

    Good luck, it's always fun to watch the "evolution" of a room.

    1. "They're fun." Gosh, I am such a nerd.

    2. Okay. last comment, then I'll leave you alone. Check out my pinterest board titled "home." The first two pics are of sofas with cool shelves behind them. One is a nice single shelf that is chunky with awesome things on it, and the other is a large piece with multiple shelves and crown molding. It has a "gallery wall" feel to it by the way it is displayed. I want them both, I just don't have enough living rooms.

    3. Haha, Jenny, you're so cute! I'm gonna have to reread all of your comments (so much info, so little time! :-p) but thanks in advance! I know there's a ton of useful info!!!

    4. Ok! So! The shelf idea was already nixed by Mr. Goats.. I showed him this picture in hopes to swing his opinion, but he just doesn't like the idea. So I'm going to have to try other things, have THAT nixed, THEN I can try the shelves (but I just LOVE the first picture on your board!). I have an end table between the love seat/sofa, do you mean to put the floor lam ON it? Not sure about that one ;-)Mirrors... I just tried to find yours on your blog, is it on there?

  4. I love that pic too... If you have an end table, then no, don't put a floor lamp on top, haha. Just use a large table lamp for the same effect. Height and drama that comes in the form of a cool lamp. I have a post from when I redid my console table, if you look closely, there is one pic on there that you can see the mirrors. Not that great, but you get the idea. I have a couple of round mirrors, square mirrors, and two large rectangle mirrors all jumbled together on the wall. Black, white, gold,wood tones, and even a bright turquoise on the frames. I tagged you in an old halloween pic on my FB page, you can see the mirrors there too.