Thursday, April 5, 2012

Love Me a Blue Wall

After we knocked down the wall between the living and dining room, I had to say "goodbye" to my first blue-wall-love to create a more uniform look. Since then, I've been itching to paint another wall, and have had paint swatches on the wall behind my sofa for months.

When ACE was giving their free quart samples, I picked up two more colors that still weren't quite right. 

On the far left, bottom, we have Benjamin Moore's "Whipple Blue," and to the right of that is ACE's "Dusty Jeans". That crummy cell phone picture doesn't really do them justice (they're not as bad as it looks, I mean), but they just weren't right for my house. As I was staring at them, I kinda imagined that if I mixed them together, they'd look a little like the Serene Stream (bottom right, but NOT the big one) that I've been diggin'. So I mixed a small batch, and the result is the top left color. Not as vibrant as the Serene Stream, but not bad... 

Mr. Goats wasn't completely sold on Serene Stream, but he did point to my concocted color as a possibility! So I decided I'd mix both quarts together and paint the wall. If I hated it, oh well! It was free, and I could paint my beloved Serene Stream over it!

But I totally love it!

This picture's more accurate in depicting the color. It's reading lighter in the photos, but I don't want to say that it's dark. Just more saturated than I could get in picture. 

And these pictures make me happy, because the room's starting to come together, like in my crappy mock-up.

Granted, I don't have the beautiful Wal Mart pillows (you actually might remember these from my window seat, which I planned - and still plan to - recover!)

And then this prompted another crappy mock-up! This time, I added something to my to-do list...

I really don't know what I'm going to do, photo arrangement-wise, but I didn't put the light out of laziness. Not because I don't plan on it, anymore!

Take a look atop my plant ledge, though. Let me explain what that crappiness is... I can't figure out what the heck to do up there, and all I really DO know is that I need to put lighting there. When I was thinking about what lighting to do, I thought, "Do I put it in front of the decorations, point it straight up, or towards the back wall?" which brought on this really cool idea to add some texture to the back of the wall up there. 

A little Pinterest search led me to this

And I am in love. So I figured I'd add that (or a similar) design up there, and paint that area the Revere Pewter that's on the adjoining wall. 

Man, I think I need to type up the to-do list, so I don't forget!

- Add texture to wall behind plant ledge
- Add lighting to plant ledge
- Paint plant ledge Revere Pewter (existing living room color)
- Figure out picture frames/arrangement to make collage wall
- Lighting for collage wall
- Paint left wall of the hallway Revere Pewter (still haven't done that)
- Figure out accessories for plant ledge
- Maybe add shelves to the right side of the wall (??)
- Convince Mr. Goats that we need a new rug (this is SO a long shot!)

Whew, it didn't seem like there was so much when it was all in my head!

Are you doing anything exciting to your living room? Please share!

UPDATE: Here's my finished plant ledge

Which can be seen in my full living room transformation post here


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