Monday, October 3, 2011

Another check off the ol' to-do list!

Before I move on with this post... I should mention that (in regards to yesterday's post).... Sandboxes need sand. Who'da thunk? SO we're not posting about absolutely awesome sand boxes today! At least... until some sand is bought :-p

So what could've been checked off, you ask?

hint: you can see part of it in this photo from last week.


I'm still not completely sold on the top fabric, but it was the best I could find at Hobby Lobby (to go to another fabric store was out of the question at the time). However, I love the polka dots as an accent! So those make it a little better. Anyhow, this seat cushion looks totally hand-made (and sadly so! LOL!) but... that's ok! Because it's apparently not going to escape injury.

Baby Goats already attacked it with a marker (that luckily matches other colors really well, so it's not TOTALLY noticeable!).

The whole thing was done with fabric glue and pins (hence the handmade look :-p), but I've tried to rip/tear it and was totally unsuccessful. So I'm guessing it'll withstand the kid's assaults. At least until I can find a better fabric :-)

Now I just need to find/make some adorable throw pillows! I napped on this seat yesterday and can totally vouch for it's comfort :-)

*Make seat cushion  
*Build table   in progress
*Build additional seats
*Buy accent pillows
*Paint room


  1. I love both fabrics... they are great together too!!! Nice job..

    P.S. I've been on the fence about making the toddler slipper chair.. until this post... I am so making this for my granddaughter Marlee!!

  2. @Laura F Oh my gosh! haha. I'm glad this pushed you over the edge!!!! :-) Your grand daughter will LOVE it! My daughter drags it everywhere so she can sit on it. :-) And thanks for the fabric love. It's kinda growin' on me. Still not fawning over it, but I guess I kinda like it :-)

  3. I just have one concern, Marlee just turned 3 last month. Should I make the legs a little longer??

  4. @Laura F I plan to make one for my older daughter, and I intend to increase the legs by about 3 inches. My oldest is 6 (tomorrow), but I just had a 4 year old sit in it, and it's just barely too small. So about 2 inches longer would be perfect... I think.

  5. LOVE it! Even if it is handmade... I think that adds character.

  6. @LuciRae Thanks! This seat is not lacking in the character department. Ha! Every time Baby Goats finds a marker, she heads straight to this cushion! EEK!