Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Pinteresting Living Room

Hello, visiters from the YHL/Bower Power Summer Pinterest Challenge (and, as always, welcome to my "regulars")! I'm excited to finally get to write a full post over my living room's transformation since the Winter Pinterest Challenge! I don't think there's been a post dedicated to the entire transformation, so let's get with it!

In natural order, here are the "before" shots.

And a teaser "after" so you might be tempted to read my long-winded recount of what's happened:

I live in a typical track home in the Phoenix 'burbs. Stucco home with no character. It seems like the builders were trying to add bits of character with the flat arches and plant ledges, but I feel that those were failed attempts. I guess I can live with the plant ledges, but I couldn't stand the flat arches.

Then I pinned this, never thinking anything would come of it.

My description says, "I want to get rid of the arches and trim the hallway out like this".

Let me repeat... I NEVER thought anything would come of it.

And then something did! I asked my step-dad (a contractor, who's built many-a-houses) how arches were typically installed. Then I got up the courage to test the waters on the arch in the master bedroom (that way, if I messed up, no one would notice ;-))

Here's a before/after

When that worked out, I was ready to tackle all FIVE of the archways in the living room. Seriously. Scroll back up and count if you don't believe me.

But there was a problem. The "window" arch (or "pass through" as my step-dad kept calling it) was framed up all the way to the ceiling. That would mean that, if I wanted to leave the wall there, I'd probably have to leave the arch or go through a ton of effort to reframe a square pass through.

Well, I wanted to get rid of the whole wall, anyway...

Why not take that part down now? (couldn't take the rest until I'm ready to renovate the kitchen).

Here's the other side.

Then I pinned this

My description says, "I wonder if this little detail would look cool at the back of the plant ledge..? Just a little added texture..."


I think it does :-)

And, finally, there's this...

"I need something above my sofa!!!!"

My regulars know that I kinda did a botched job (meant to get two 11x14s instead of the 8x10s on the right - and still haven't fixed it - to fill up the space a little better), and that I plan on adding lighting like in my pinspiration photo eventually. Maybe that'll be my Fall Pinterest Challenge ;-)

(here's an updated version of the gallery wall)

As excited as I am to share all of this with you, I'm more excited to see what everyone else has created! So thank you for stopping by, but I must step away and drool over countless other blog posts. I'm sure you can see yourself out.


  1. looks great, i love the detail you did in white above the colored wall!

  2. Love the colors! I will have to take a better look later at your blog but it looks great so far, thanks for stopping by mine! I tried to do the horizontal stripes in my living room (looks like a play room perhaps from the picture?) but I could not get the tape straight! I tried SO many times.

    1. Thanks for visiting! To do the stripes, I used a 3' level and drew the line alllll the way across the wall, then taped over the pencil marks. There would be no. way. I would've gotten it straight without a line to follow!

  3. I love how you incorporated different ideas into your own space! Very nice. And thanks for the visit/comment (I'm the hallway organization station girl :)) Nice to virtually meet you and great work!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! What a beautiful room! I love the color scheme and the texture you added. I pinned that same picture from the pottery barn catalog for kitchen inspiration...great minds!!

  5. Oh wow, this is a seriously good make-over! I love the colors and can't believe you did the arches by yourself. Well done!

  6. Love it! That detail on the plant ledges is one of the first things I noticed in your first before picture- it looks fabulous! And I think you totally did the right thing, getting rid of the arches. It looks great all squared out!

  7. Thanks for stopping by. This is fantastic. You did a whole room makeover!! I love it all; the colors, the open/airy feeling! I can't wait to see more!

  8. The whole room looks great. I like the black and white photos in your gallery wall.

  9. LOVE! Oddly, I have the same elements pinned, but never thought of different places to put them. Now you have me thinking of alternatives to odd spaces in our house.


  10. WOW!!! That fireplace!!!!! Super Impressive!!!!!! GOOD JOB!

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