Wednesday, December 28, 2011


After realizing how simple it was to remove the archway and trim out the door in my bathroom, my goal was to have all of the archways in my house removed by the end of the year. My plan was to demo an archway every few days (I was trying to be realistic - remember, I'm lazy!). Five more to go!

My sister and step-dad happened to be visiting when I'd planned on taking the first archway down. So I gathered my lame-o supplies, took the surrounding furniture/mirrors off the wall and.... my step-dad got started.

Not quite what I was planning, but I'll take it!

This one happened to be built differently than the one in my bathroom, and we were REALLY confused with what the builders did at first, but it came down essentially the same way. Plywood sandwiching 2x4s that needed muscles or proper tools to remove. Luckily we had muscles this time.

At this point, my sister offered to buy a reciprocating saw so we didn't have to use our MacGyver tools.

The other two arches in the photo above...? Yeah, they didn't stand a chance. My step-dad had both of those down in less time than it took him to get the first arch down.

Right tools for the job. Go figure.

This left the "window" arch and the doorway leading to the kitchen left. I figured that the doorway to the kitchen would be simple, but the "window" really had me worried. I was scared that removing that would take us all the way to the ceiling, so I just didn't wanna touch it! Which was what led to this conversation.

(Remember, we're close friends! And I don't clean for close friends.... 'specially if there are 8 people in my tiny house! :-p)

After everyone reassured me that they didn't think removing that whole portion of the wall would look stupid, I put some tape up where the wall would be cut (the wall continues about a foot and a half just past the archway, so the tape was where it would be flush with the rest of the wall). This gave me a visual and a little reassurance that it wouldn't look stupid if we removed the wall. A LITTLE reassurance. But I figured that we're going to remove the entire wall eventually... why not just take this full part now?

The only things left to figure out were where the outlets would go, and what to do about the rest of the flooring.

And I'll leave that for another post. Ohhhh, the suspense!

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