Monday, December 19, 2011

So, you see, what had happened was....

The conversation went like this....

Mr. Goats: What are you gonna do with this arch?
Me: We'll probably leave that until we knock the whole wall down.
Mr. Goats: You can't to that, you have to do something with it.
Me/Step-Dad: we don't know how it's built.
Mr. Goats (or) Sister: Why don't you just remove the top and open it all the way to the roof?
Me: Yeah, we could probably do that.
Sister: Or remove this whole part of the wall...

*this was something that had crossed my mind, but I'd dismissed it before the idea completely formed*

Me: No. That would look stupid.
EVERYONE ELSE: No it wouldn't!
Me, crossing the room to visualize the whole wall: Like, only taking THAT part of the wall down? It'd look dumb. Why would the wall just END right there?
Everyone else: It'd look fine.
Step-dad: I've seen a lot of houses do that.
Me: You guys REALLY don't think that'd look dumb?
Everyone else: No!


We knocked a wall down.

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