Friday, December 9, 2011

Please Console me!

Not really, this console table (used as a TV stand) is consoling enough :-)

I think I'm going to name this guy Murphy.. because this build was a textbook example of Murphy's Law. Let my start by saying that squaring up miter saw blades SUCKS. And I wasted nearly a full working day trying to get everything working properly before I could even make my first cut (yes, I know I could've used my circular saw, but the miter saw needed to be taken care of anywayyyy).

Then my kreg bit got so dull it almost started a fire

Then I drilled into my thumb because.. well, I don't remember how that happened. But it hurts, darn it!

It took 12 days to get the hardware for the drawers (and I still don't have the label holders)

Cutting the glass for the doors resulted in injury

Lowe's only had ONE set of hinges in the size I needed

And I can't get a decent picture of this thing for my LIFE, because no good, natural light gets to the front of it.


Because of this, we mounted the TV on the wall and "added" 3 square feet of floor space in the living room. The whole room feels larger and updated.

the whole TV mounting process was a PAIN. But ABSOLUTELY worth it!

(the kid was watching cartoons when I snapped the picture, so I just blacked-out the screen)

The Kinect works better, the media "stuff" is hidden away, and the cute little basket on the bottom holds XBOX controllers, headphones and remotes.

There's as much (or even more) storage packed into this thing as there was with the huge IKEA TV stand that we had, but this is WAY prettier! And, if I ever decide I want a different TV stand, I can move this guy anywhere else.

So.. I think I have a clear favorite...

(the only "before" that I have)

My non-functional TV stand - before.


(I really like all the added features of my new TV stand :-))

Go here to get plans so you can build this guy yourself (and hopefully yours gets a luckier name!)


  1. Well I'm a follower! You're my new hero! Anyone who has the ability to make that table gets a cape! And you crack me up with the bitchin" I mean that in the best way! Van't wait to see what you do next...oh what's with the goat reference?

  2. @Karajeanne Thanks! Prepare to burst out laughing, but my last name is "Manygoats".
    Annnnnd... imagining your reaction to that (with an imaginary face, and an imaginary snort... since I totally don't know you) cracked me up! Ahhhh... good times.

  3. I know this is an old post but I saw this build on Ana White's site and have a simple question that I hope you can help me with. By now it seems as the issue of what type of wood to use is up to the user, but I'm complete newb and can't figure it out on my own. Went to a lumberyard and was really surprised how expensive the 1x12 boards were. Pine was cheaper-ish, but someone told me that pine doesn't stain evenly? Can you confirm or deny that please? I basically just need a good wood suggestion, thank you!