Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Paint swatches and crappy mock-ups

I've added a few more colors to my wall. Eventually, this is going to look like a board game made from blue and gray squares. Maybe I should start numbering them. And painting prizes in the squares...

The two newest colors are Valspar's June Morn (bottom of the middle row) and Olympic's Serene Stream (the loner on the left... not the far left... the "middle" left ?). And can I tell you that I love both colors?!

June Morn, the darker of the two, is a good version of the top right color. It's not as murky looking, and it's got a good blue to it (as opposed to the top right, which is very neutral and grayish). And I am quite surprised to say that I'm REAAAALLY leaning towards Serene Stream. I did not think that I would want such a light color, but I think I might be crushing a little....

Maybe it's because it reminds me of my inspiration photo?

I can't really say that THAT'S why I love it (not diggin' the color in that picture), but something is really making me want to paint that wall Serene Stream...

So.. in true Gina fashion.. We get a mock-up of what I'm wanting that wall to look like..

Let's go over a few things...

First, I have some green fabric that i want to recover the chairs in.. It doesn't look puke green, like in my mock-up. But I really want to tie a lot of green into the room, so I'll bring in the green chairs, green accents on throw pillows, and some knick-knacks on the shelf. I think adding the green (and taking the blue from the chairs) will make the blue wall "ok" - and make it so that not EVERYTHING in my main living area is blue.

That lighting fixture is one that I've been leaning towards. It's not "perfect", but it's pretty darned close to what I want (maybe I can find some new shades?). It's from Sea Gull Lighting, and it's about $250. I was hoping to find something for under $200, but I may have to up my budget a tad (I've got a few more choices pinned here).

And these darned pillows! From WAL MART, of all places... I JUST LOVE THEM!!!

I think it was these pillows that made me want to bring green into the room. When I first saw them, I wanted to buy like 10 and put them everywhere. L.O.V.E.

What're your thoughts? Should I just get over the light blue? Maybe pick a different fixture?

Oh, and in regards to yesterday's post... I showed that tramp tamper who's boss ;-)


  1. Oh, I'm with you, I love the Serene Stream! I think it's perfect to accentuate the pillows, and I think it will compliment green accents in the room very well! Beautiful color :)

  2. Light blues are not very warm and can appear quite weak vs. the sofas. I'd consider a warm green gray, or Mediterannean wall color (oker), because your sofa is quite large, strong statements, dark. Choose your walls in harmony with the sofas!

    my 5 cts, and I'm not the best at this.

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  3. I love your inspiration color! Where did it come from? See if you can color match it. I'm thinking your mock up is a brighter blue. I really like the laundry accessory on the chair. At least your's is in a basket. Mine is just thrown on the bed.

  4. You do know how to keep us waiting in anticipation! What color did you end up using?!!!! Inquiring minds want to know!

    1. Ugh! You are killing me. Okay, so patience is not a virtue I have, lol! ;)

    2. I know, I know. I'm sorry :-) The truth is that I now only have MORE squares added to my game board wall (that's now what it's called, btw).. and haven't PICKED a color yet. So don't worry! I'm not holding out on you... Just... being lazy/indecisive!