Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Ever since my very first woodworking project, I've been working on my back patio. I don't have my own shop, don't really even have my own SPACE, and that just seemed like the best solution at the time.

We had no idea that my little woodworking adventure would turn out so successfully, and that I would keep accumulating tools like some women accumulate expensive handbags. Those have to go somewhere.. And the scraps/leftover wood? Who would have thought that there would BE so much?!

And using the back patio? Yeah, can't happen. 

This is what everyone sees when they look out my back door, too. Embarrassing! 

There are just so many things wrong with that whole set-up.

(not to mention the geckos that snack on the crickets who nest in the gap between the patio and the house - this guy's dead, and he's still there because Mr. Goats thinks it's funny that I'm too big a wuss to touch him to get rid of it is evil.)

But, hey!

We have a decently sized area next to the house, that you can't see unless you walk that way. Which means that, if we ever fix our yard so it's not too embarrassing to have people over, they won't have to look at my miter saw and wood stores. And we could actually use our back patio as, get this.... A BACK PATIO!

So this past weekend, Mr. Goats and I killed all the plants on that side of the house

Moved all the crap away (I'm still gonna have to find something to do with the smoker... crap)...

And cleared most of the rocks.

This was the end of Day 1. I know it's hard to grasp the sheer amount of crushed granite rocks over there, but the previous owners of this house must've gotten a really good deal... because they were 8-12" deep in some areas.

Day 2 was spent marking off the new site, and leveling it out.

Laser levels come in SOOOOOO handy (my step-dad gave me this, and I would have never thought it would help me out so much!)

And by end of Day 2, my 8'x10' work site is all cleared and level!

Now, if I can ever get off my lazy bum, my goal for today is to have a date with a tramp..

Er... Tamper.


Hopefully I'll get the area all flattened and framed out so that we can get some concrete poured!

After I have another cup of coffee :-)

What'd you guys do over the holiday weekend? And major projects? Tramping? Or tamping... whichever...


  1. I live in CO and my work space is on my patio too! I was just building an Ana-White project on my snow covered patio this week.. I need to be evited too.

    1. I don't know which is worse! You having to build in the snow, or my situation in the summer (115+ temps). I'm a wuss to both!

  2. Your back patio looks like my garage. It doesn't look so bad. I had to go get a couple of 2x4s to replace the ones I drilled 19,000 holes in with my Kreg jig. Whoops! I got they hang of the jig not real good on where to place the holes. I'll figure it out. Eventually. :)

    1. I think we're both in denial :-p

      Did you get the mini jig? I keep this on-hand for when I need to figure out placements. I think it's what came with the jig, but I didn't keep it. HA!

  3. Wow! Hope you had fun tramping, I mean tamping, around today ;)

    1. heh. heh. heh. I've been having wayyy too much fun with that ;-)

    2. oh man I felt like that was the lamest/comment joke i've ever made! glad you thought it was funny :)

  4. Could you tell me what kind of laser leveler the one is that you have pictured? I need one, but your's looks like it would be perfect for what I need to do. Thanks!

    1. Hi Sythe! The lazer level is a Sprectra precision laser lg20! Good luck with... well, whatever you're doing!!