Thursday, August 4, 2011

I really AM a lazy bum!

I am just too lazy to put in the effort to switch over to WordPress... And since I'm never going to have any readers... Why not just be a lazy bum!? :-p

I finished the corner unit for my husband's uncle the other day. That thing was way more hassle than it was worth, so I'm THRILLED to have gotten out of my LIFE! At least until I decide to go visit ....

It really did turn out well... It was just a "B" to get it there! haha. I sent the plans for this guy and his brother over to Rayan at The Design Confidential, so if you wannem, keep an eye out on her page for the plans!


  1. I would say be lazy and stay here. I like your blog the way it is.

  2. Oh, and I read your blog. I'm part of your herd. So don't say you don't have any readers. Unless I'm just a nobody.

  3. Hooray for a herd!!! haha. And thanks, I figured I'd use SOME energy to "decorate" over here... And then changed a setting and now it looks lame again... Ahhhh well....