Friday, July 22, 2011

Understatement of the year...

I've been busy.

Ok, that's an under AND an overstatement. I've got a lot goin' on. But I haven't been working on it constantly. So I'm "busy," but lazily... Got it?

'Course ya do.

So what have I been doing, you ask? Oh... not much... Only finally getting around to decorating my kitchen. Which is what the cubbies in the last post was for... And I bought some new curtains from Ikea. They're rockin'. I even dyed 'em yellow!

And you know what?

They look like they belong in a country style kitchen..

I couldn't get a good picture with the lighting, but it really does make my amazing blue wall look green. NOT COOL. And outside the window you can see another project I've been working on.

A corner unit for my hubbies uncle (yep, you guessed it - this guy's partner).

I've also settled on Revere Pewter for the kitchen walls...

(an amazing greige)

And... I found some flour bugs in my pantry... so I painted it!

I'm definitely going to save all of THAT fun stuff for another post ;-)

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