Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thinking about Wordpress..

I'm on Blogger o'er here, and I just can't find a good layout. Everything's so generic and lame. My other blog (yes, the one that hasn't been updated in over a YEAR) is on Wordpress... and I see so many awesome blogs (that are customized AMAZINGLY).

So, let's think through this, ok?

*It's going to take a little more effort than I want to make to migrate over to Wordpress. Which, basically means any effort because I'm a lazy bum.

*It's going to take a little effort to design the blog I want once I get over to Wordpress.

*I've been thinking about this for a month, and have still not found the motivation to do it. So who's saying that I EVER will?

*The more blog entries I write equals more effort to put into the migration, so this lame-o post is hindering me more than helping so far!

But! What's that saying? "Put it out in the universe"?? (yeah, i probably totally screwed that up)...

So here, universe. Take it and do what you will with it.

I'm gettin' coffee.

1 comment:

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