Saturday, August 6, 2011

Is it weird to admit that I want to dry hump my wall?

Oh yea, you read that right...

But can I be goofily serious? Is goofily a word?

Eh, you're in my blog. Anything goes!

Well, except ACTUALLY dry humping my wall. If it weren't weird, I'd be SO all over it.. But even I have limits... at least publicly...

After attaching the cubbies above the cabinets, I knew it was time to paint in there. Since the color I chose for my living room was an EPIC FAIL, I researched the long intestine out of good gray paints. It seemed that a LARGE percentage of people went with Benjamin Moore (Silver Fox & Revere Pewter came up a LOT), so I went to my local ACE and got a couple of samples.

Both were gorgeous, but Silver Fox was absolutely too dark. I was concerned that the Revere Pewter would be too beige-y, but I figured that beige was better that BLUE (which is what's goin' on in my living room!), so I'd better accept it. 

OMG I LOVE IT! Like.. make babies with it, love!

In the late afternoon it DOES read a bit beige (and the red from the cabinets casts a li'l tint on it for about 10 minutes, making it almost a reddish beige - but no one else sees it :-/), but the rest of the day it's gorgeous, GORGEOUS gray. 

I only painted the back wall, behind the stove (and these pictures sure do show me that I need to do some more touch-ups!), but I'm so excited to get to the rest of the kitchen soon! YAY!!!!

On another note, I'm working on changing out the ugly bronzish hinges in there to some lovely brushed silver ones. I'm a third of the way through, and it's only taken me two weeks! Read the title of my previous post...


  1. It all looks good. Too bad you didn't post pics of the dry humping session. That would have been so blog worthy

  2. hahaha... That would require me to admit that I did it... which I didn't...

    just wanted to :-p

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