Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It's a Puppy Party, Who Could Ask for More?

So... this happened.

Oh yeah, this crazy family threw a Puppy a Party.

Do you remember when I first introduced you to Percy?

He turned one on Monday!

The Big Kid was set on having a birthday party for the pup, so we made it happen. I have to tell you, this is more than I've done for my own kids..!

It really was simple. We picked up a few decorations from the dollar store.

May or may not have gone a little crazy with the balloons...

(aren't the sunflowers Mr. Goats bought for me stunning? They make me smile :-) )

Baked the pups a cake using this recipe.

(I followed the recipe, but used one 8x8 pan and cut it into two 4x8 inch bones, frosted with peanut butter)

Made bone-shaped favor bags (using this inspiration) filled with bones and treats.

And ended up with two super happy pups!

There may or may not be a doggie wedding in our future.

I have no idea whether I'm kidding or not...

I'm so grateful to have friends that participate in our weirdness.. :-)

I have to know, are you going to disown me because I threw a puppy birthday party? Or have you done one, too? Share!


  1. Too cute! I am laughing because when our puppy turned one, my daughter wanted to throw her a party too! Life is better with happy moments!

    1. That's great! Did you end up throwing the party?!

  2. I love you in all your weirdness <3 I still can NOT believe Percy is so huge. Witto itty bitty puppy got biiiig!