Monday, June 24, 2013

The Many Faces of the Lemonade Stand

Where's the first place you would go to look for lemonade stand ideas?

Pinterest, right?

Well, my friend London asked me to build her a lemonade stand to use as a photography prop, so I looked to Pinterest for ideas.

There were a ton of ideas thrown around, but the two that got the best responses were


*sources at the end of this post.

We had also just scored three extremely large pallets that we haphazardly loaded on the top of her car. I'll totally take the blame for that, but we managed to get them here without causing a multi-car accident!

I digress, the pallets were for the lemonade stand.

And the top photo totally screamed "make me from pallets!" but, though the pallets were large, the amount of useable wood on them wasn't as much as I'd expected. I suggested that we do a mix of the two, having a mostly planked stand with a chalkboard front so that the amount of pallet wood needed was lessened.

Oh! And it had to be transportable for photo sessions.

And light enough to carry. Because carrying super heavy props is no bueno.

But I think I made something that fit the bill.

This lemonade stand was exponentially more difficult to do than I'd originally anticipated, so I've been working on it off and on for a few weeks. With that said, I am extremely happy with how it turned out, and I hope London loves it, too!

Do you guys know the best part?

It's already worn many faces!

It's been our popcorn stand for Movie day.

It's had it's time as a lemonade stand.

It's also been a firework stand!

There are plans for it being a ticket booth and maybe even a kissing booth, too!

With all the lemonade stand ideas/plans out there, I don't know that I'll draw up plans for this one, but if anyone's interested on seeing how it's assembled, I might do another post on that.

Definitely have the material for another post on the firecracker decorations, though!

What are your thoughts on lemonade stands? Have no use for them? Fond memories of them as a kid? Was that your first business? I'd love to hear about 'em!

*Source for the rustic lemonade stand is really hard for me to track down, but a lot of people are linking it to the . The Second images if from Fiskars.


  1. Very cool idea to make it so easy to convert to different themes! Nice work.

  2. I love it!!!
    And I can't wait to play with it more!!!

  3. Nice job, looks great! I love going to a neighborhood garage sale. Then I love to see when the children capitalize on it with a lemonade stand. This would be ideal!