Thursday, August 15, 2013

School's Back In, So I'm Back Too!

It's surprisingly easy to get out of the habit of blogging. With summer break over (we've actually been back to school three weeks, if you can believe that!?), I get some time to sit down and breathe!

Does anyone else think it should be easier for a mom to have an older kid that can watch the younger one..?

Should be.


But it should be!

It's not there there hasn't been anything to blog about! On the contrary, I've been helping my good friend London (yes, the one I've talked about a lot lately) get some things done at her house, I've got a big (literally, I can't pick it up by myself!) build completed and am excited to get started on Halloween decorations!!! Yay!

Don't look at me like that...

It *is* time to start talking about Halloween.

It's only 77 days away, and building props takes time.

And you KNOW I love me some Halloween..!

So, to get you caught up, using London's Lens Instagram pictures (mostly),

Top row: We laid out/hung a gallery wall based on prints London got in Africa. I built three simple shelves to fill in space and give a place to show off some of the amazing wooden animals she got (also in Africa). Bottom left: We were painting 16' ceilings with a 6' ladder. Epic. Bottom right: a sneak peek at my extra large build ;-) Showcasing my DIY oversized jacks (which I still LOVE!).

Now that you're all caught up (and I no longer feel guilty for not blogging in over a month), I can share current news..!

Next time...

Is everyone else back in school yet? How's the summer treating you? I'm about to die from the heat, I'll tell ya!

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