Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Arch-Nemesis... again.

This post has nothing to do with my earlier post titled Arch Nemesis.

No. I try not to think of the flat arches that invaded my house.

This arch, however, I love to think about.

I finished the skull-filled arch for my cemetery entrance!!! (mentioned in the to-do list here)

Upon closer inspection, you'll see that I no longer have a misspelled cemetery sign as well.

That was a simple fix. Can someone please tell me how I let it take so long to happen?

See? Easy cheesy (yes, I am a mom to small children).

If you follow me on Facebook, you've already seen our newest family member. We still haven't found a good name for him/her/it, but I had this old bird feeder stand that was PERFECT to support him/her/it on! I think some lighter spray paint (so that it isn't such a stark contrast between the pole and the light house) would make it more appealing. And I plan on covering the base with rocks.

It's gonna rock.

Too much? Ok, I'll stop.

I'm finishing up some drippy candles to go on these dudes

And still have a ton of work to do! My goal is to have everything finished in a week! EEK!

How're your Halloween decorations coming along? Did anyone else clumsily pounce on the fact that it's October and start decorating like a lunatic already? Please don't tell me it was just me..!


  1. very cool. I love the arch! It's the "piece de resistance"

  2. And where did you find all of those skulls?

    1. Thanks Jenny! I can't believe I totally spaced on telling you where I got the skulls. DUHR!

      I got these - they're the same exact skulls as the $7 ones, but covered in nylon/moss for $2 less. I actually think they're just ones that had less than perfect paint jobs (but... uh.. hello? They're supposed to be old skulls! Who cares?!), but it's so easy to take the nylon/moss off and save the $2/skull (which really adds up!).