Monday, September 10, 2012

Halloween Craft/Build/Sew/Buy Along

If you're anything like me, I have to tell you that no... I am NOT crazy (at least in this sense).

If you're NOT anything like me, I guess I've got some splanin' to do...

You see, if you're NOT like me, then you know just how quickly a month can creep up on you. That means that, if you're a Halloween decorator, you've already started preparing.

Well, those of you like me (you know, the ones that think, "Halloween's almost 2 full months away!" - and then procrastinate), we need to get our butts in gear.

I am setting a goal to have my Halloween decorations up before the second week of October. Over the next month, I'll be sharing some of the random projects I need to complete to have my graveyard to my liking.

Oh, you don't remember my graveyard?

Well let's just refresh (then a to-do list at the end).

The cemetery entrance columns that I built, complete with my misspelling of "CEMETERY".

The crate/coffin/fence built from pallet wood.

Gravestones thrown together by Mr. Goats & me, depicting legendary monster's names (and a random "Nemo," per the big kid's request).

Some beauty shots.

Probably my favorite part ;-)

Now, to remind you, I wasn't completely thrilled with how the columns turned out. The faux stone at the bottom was ugly (or, it looked like pustules, as Mr. Goats described), and I planned on refinishing them "next year." 

So that's going to be my first project!

I cleaned my garage this weekend to prepare for major work to be done!

Additional things TO-DO:

  • "Beef up" the sign (thinking of doing something like this along the top)
  • Add candle skeleton plaques by using this tutorial.
  • Build a larger scale coffin
  • Build another small coffin
  • Revamp the headstones (make new ones out of foam, maybe?)

  • Replace curtains with creepy cloth
  • Sew a slipcover for the slipper chairs
  • Sew more halloween-like pillow cases
  • "Zombify" gallery wall pictures
  • Replace my silverware silhouettes with halloween-like ones

Wow, for there being only 11 things on these lists, it sure seems daunting. 

Now is where I welcome you to join me in this Halloween craft/build/sew/buy along! Let's git'r done!

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