Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Saving Face

Well helloooo!

Glad you're back to see me through refacing my columns!

When I left you, they looked like this.

Pustule "rocks" made from spray foam insulation.

Well, they got scraped off with a putty knife...

SO glad they're gone!

After I scraped them off, I took some drywall compound and did a "crumb coat" all around the column bases.

That got it nice and even, so that you couldn't see the particle board's texture, and gave me a good surface to add a thicker coat of compound to later on.

When the drywall compound dried, I added a thicker coat (from 1/8" - 1/4") and dabbed it with a paper towel to create a rock-like texture.

I wanted to try to make a thicker coat so that I would have a more noticeable grout line, but the places with the thicker drywall compound had really big "peaks" when I textured there, and I don't know that I liked that. But the grout lines were good!

I just took my finger and created the grout lines randomly.

Now I have two textured, brick-like columns (I call them my chimneys).

Next up - PAINT!

Have you planned out your Halloween to-dos yet?!

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