Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Some Halloween Randomness

Hello, my pretties (embracing my inner wicked witch - or Elphie ;-)).

Got a few teeny updates on the Halloween prepping on my side of the woods (fallen house? My side of Oz?). You know, because none of these are full-post-worthy on their own...

I built a large toe pincher coffin. I would love to have thrown a tutorial together for you guys to build this using cedar fence pickets, but I had to screw around with this one so much that my initial angles/lengths are totally different than I'd intended. So, let me just say that I have no flippin' clue what I did.

Oh, and I spray painted a few fallen branches black - eucalyptus branches make for killer spooky trees!

Created these awesome skeleton "plaques" to adorn the front of my cemetery columns (used this tutorial). These. Guys. Rock! I spray painted them metallic silver (also used on my DIY jacks) and can't wait to put some candles on them. Oooooooh, drippy wax.. My heart's speeding at the thought (how pathetic is it that THAT'S what excites me?!).

This is the frame of my skull archway - I know it's hard to imagine what it's going to look like, but this is where my laziness is really biting me in the apple. I have to create at LEAST 12 skulls OTC (on the cheap, for those of you dinero spenders out there), and the cheapest way I know to do that is to paper mache them. I've done 3 and I want nothing to do with them anymore.


I would make this my public break-up with paper mache.

But that would mean we would have had to have been together.

And I can't confirm or deny that.

What I still haven't done is fix my typo (can I call it that, even if I painted the sign..?).

I've still got a lot to do. How's holiday prepping on YOUR side of... whatever?

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