Monday, March 12, 2012

Pavers Schmavers

On Leap Day, I was honored to have gotten the most votes on the Purebond Facebook challenge, and won a $100 gift card. Totally, absolutely stoked. I was thinking of all the projects I would be able to do with $100 (trust me, I could've fit a LOT onto that gift card!), but the most pressing right now was having an area to DO all of my projects. So that's where the money went, and I am SO grateful for it!

I told you already about clearing the area to get it ready for cement. I was sure we would do cement because it seemed like it would be the cheapest and easiest solution... but after pricing the cement, , it came in well over $150.. and that didn't include rebar and tool rentals.. or taxes! So in looked into pavers, and found some really affordable options.

These pavers are $1.17/sf (they're 12"x12"), and we needed 80 square feet of pavers for my 8x10 patio. 

So of course, that means 80 pavers...

(she was exhausted from helping move them)

That may not seem like a lot, and I know there are definitely people out there that have done more... But lifting the pavers to put them on the "cart", moving them from the cart to the truck, from the truck to the wheelbarrow, from the wheelbarrow to the ground and then from the ground to being set... Exhausting! And Mr. Goats did most of the work, so I can only imagine how he feels!!

We also had to do gravel and sand.

I chose to use treated lumber as a paver barrier because it's the cheapest. I also quickly realized that the amount of sand in the picture above was NOT enough (so we had to run to Lowe's to get more! I think we ultimately used 13 bags). You'll notice in my end result that the paver barrier sits above the pavers on the far left. I'm not bright, apparently, and set the barrier level, when you need to slope the pavers away from the house. So while the pavers slope, the barrier doesn't. We were worried about drainage, but a few big holes drilled in the barrier helps with that.

I put the table on for "show". This is going to be my work area, after all!

But it sure is pretty!

I also want to mention that the pavers matching the wall was a totally happy accident. I just liked the "tri colored" pavers (as opposed to all gray, all brown or all red - those were the other options), and you can't really tell in the pictures, but it pretty much picks up all of the colors from the wall. Totally great!

Now I need to rake the rocks surrounding the new patio even, and there's a shed in the works. Designed by the amazing Ms. Ana White... so we know it's going to be stellar!

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