Wednesday, March 14, 2012

100th Post! AND Pinterest Challenge!

I can't believe it, but this is my 100th post! Now, if I were a GOOD blogger, and wrote nearly every week day (as some amazing bloggers manage to do), I'd be way past this.. But this shows that I average a post every 3-4 days. And I guess I'm fine with that :-)

I'd written a post that I'd planned on using for my Pinterest Challenge the other day, but I had used a copyrighted image, and a wonderful commenter asked if I had asked permission (Whoops! I hadn't!! Thanks, Lindsay!). I asked after that, and was told that I couldn't use the image, so that post had to go! Lesson learned!

So here's my new Challenge submission!

A while ago, I was contemplating adding some fabric rosettes to the striped wall in the play room. The crappy mock-up that I'd done ended up looking weighted, and just... not good... So I kept my eye open for sayings that I might put up there. I know that the Audrey Hepburn quote, "Happy girls are the prettiest" is pretty much everywhere, so I tried not to use it. But... there's nothing else that I like as much! I mean, how true is that?! (very!)

So I'd planned on stenciling the words on the wall, but I can't keep a straight line for my life (and the fact that it'd be ON a straight line would draw more attention to.. well... however bad I would make it). Anyhow, I'd pinned this tutorial on DIYing a projector, and now I have ideas for like... every room of the house! I don't think there's a wall that's safe!

Simply put, you put a light source into a box and place a transparency in front with the image of your choosing. You can hand draw one, print one out or trace over a picture!

I ended up typing the quote in photoshop, finding a font that I thought I could easily trace, and traced it right off my monitor. 

(I used a sheet protector, but you can use anything clear and somewhat sturdy... like a ziplock bag or similar)

I started off with the "blank" wall 

Then I rigged up this extremely unstable contraption to hold the "box" that i placed my light source in...

It had to be level to the area I wanted it! Shush! hahaha. 

When that was all scary and ready, I arranged the page protector on the front of the crate (you should use a box if you have one). Take note that the image you plan on using will be reversed when projected onto the wall, so you can just turn the transparency around.

After that, I closed the blinds to make it as dark as I could (it would've definitely worked better if it were night), and got to painting.

No pictures of me painting, but here's the image projected onto the wall!


le result!

It's more noticeable in person. Sorry, I couldn't make the picture do it justice without making it dark and ugly. I'm going to live with the white for a few days, and if I decide that it's not blatant enough, I'll paint it pink or purple or blue... who knows?! 

Now! I'm off to submit this! Even if I'm like #634 (or, you know, about that!)

* Update: I've been asked why I didn't use the fact that I got rid of the archways and knocked down a wall this season, and the reason is just that... Everything isn't finished! But I'll DEFINITELY do it for the Spring Edition. Because it just HAS to be done by then, right!? (??)


  1. I've got a Cricut if you ever need some vinyl done. It's an Expression so it will cut up to 11" I think. I'm not an expert with by any means but I can generally get things to work. Love your light box tower. Ha!

    1. Wow, cool! Thanks, Jodie! How much is vinyl? I've only seen the smaller sheets at JoAnn's (probably not the cheapest place), but they seemed expensive to me!

  2. Loved the "contraption!" Lady Goats, you're my hero!

  3. Congrats on the 100 posts! That quote is soooo adorable. This makes me want a little girl!

    I actually really like how subtle it is, you won't get tired of it as quickly. It looks really classy. Audrey would approve. :-)

  4. Congrats Gina, that's great. Love the words project as well. Adorable saying. Too true as there are some really ugly beautiful ones out there, if you know what I mean! No pun intended!

  5. Love the white and the quote! Totally agree that the white makes it more subtle and kind of more important. I use an old overhead for drawing huge superhero/star wars stuff for my son's room and playroom. It works great.