Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hang Man

I'm so terrible at suspense, I have to put the "progress" shot! Because... well.. LOOK AT IT!

Obviously, if I were a good blogger, I wouldn't have left the pet food, my purse, the thread, my ever-present coffee and that ugly white trash can lingering in that picture... but... we're friends! And I can't get myself around to putting the groceries away for a true "almost-after" shot... so deal.

Do you remember the curtains that I put in there before?

Gosh, I miss my blue wall :'(

Well, I never was happy with them. They were too country-looking for my tastes, but I dealt... I really had no idea where I wanted to go with the dining room (and I definitely did not know that I'd be knocking down the wall, leading me to repaint my beautiful blue wall, repainting my wall art, and opening the space between these curtains and the living room curtains!).

After I built the bar and repainted the wall, I knew that there was no way the yellow curtains could stay. So I tried and tried and tried to find some curtains that would look good with the curtains in the living room (there's only about 10' between the two sets), and I wanted to incorporate a few other colors into the scheme. Obviously there was no way I would find curtains (or even fabric) that would satisfy my very specific needs... So I went to Ikea and picked up a pair of Lenda curtain panels. The site says they're $30, but I got mine for $20... so I don't know what's up with that. 

In addition to the curtain panels, I bought some acrylic paints, some fabric paint medium, and I had my inspiration piece on-hand.

Go ahead, my child... SWOOON! I still do, and I've had that thing for months!

But after I hung those... ya know what? I think I'm gonna live with the white for a few days... I'm totally lovin' the airy brightness they add to the whole area!

What do you think? Should I just dye them blue to match the ones in the living room? Or stay true to my swoon-worthy cup?


  1. I do like the airy brightness feel but I am definitely not one to say on whether to make them blue or not! I am the worst at making several rooms together to make one cohesive decor. I mean I'm just awful. Oh but I just got an about move a blue panel over to the dining room and take a picture where you can just see the blue in both rooms...then compare to the picture above where you see white and blue...then decide! :)

  2. I love the white! Is that a dwell tablecloth?? Also, thanks so much for the advice on the revere pewter - it is the perfect grey!! I looked at dozens of greys, and this is 'where have you been all my life' grey. Amazing with general finishes dark brown dye, too!