Tuesday, March 29, 2011

If I'm a Widow Tomorrow

Let me start this post by saying that my husband will pretty much let me do whatever I want. But he's not very... adventurous... when it comes to color. At. All.

We painted my living room gray, but in compromise, it's a gray that I hate. It's so light that you can't tell that it's gray, but when it doesn't seem white, it looks blue! And less than a third of the way through, I told my husband that I hated it (I mean less than a third of the way through the FIRST coat - so VERY early on). He told me that I had to live with it for a year, until we get enough time/energy to repaint.

The reason I am so unhappy with the color is really my fault. I should've stood my ground a little more. But our living room is pretty dark, so my husband didn't want to get a dark gray to make it depressing. I understand his logic... but don't necessarily AGREE with it. But I was happy that he was letting me paint the walls gray, so I wasn't thinking clearly :-p

And since I have to wait a year until I can repaint the living room and hallways.... I figured I'd try to find a way to make it tolerable...

Which brings me to a slightly off-subject place. My dining room.

A wall at the end of my dining room is just screaming for a bright, in-your-face color.

So... maybe I had a li'l pent up defiance?!

And maybe he'll just have a heart attack...

Yes, my saw's on the table. Keepin' it real (saw horses are being used to finish the "art" i have planned for the amazingly stunning blue wall - *sigh* I'm in love).

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