Monday, June 6, 2011

You asked for it...

How is it that I only have two followers, but receive emails via this blog a few times a week..?

Hey people! If you like it, SHOW IT! :-)

Just sayin'...

Anywho... I've gotten about 8 emails in the past two months asking for a tutorial on the Pottery Barn inspired easel..

And I'll give it to ya!

After I get some rest. :-)

In the meantime...

I cannot find the paper that I had chicken scratched the "plans" (trust me, they would have only made sense to me - but they gave me an idea of what to draw up in SketchUp) - So I'm waiting on my friend to send me measurements of everything again. HA! I knew I should've done this when everything was still fresh. 


  1. How did not know about this blog? I'll be your biggest fan!

  2. Oh please, oh please, oh please make a tutorial for this! My daughter is 2 and a budding ar-teest and I'd love to use this for some of her masterpieces!

  3. @erin Hi Erin - I gave this to a friend, and have been awaiting measurements for a while (they're super busy).... but I promise I'll post plans as soon as I can! Where are you located?!