Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Let's keep up with the whole "unfinished" theme!

I can't seem to do one room at a time, so nothing's ever gonna be finished! Recently, I've moved onto the oldest kid's room. This wasn't exactly planned, but I built her a daybed that didn't fit into her room well, so we switched the kids' rooms.

When I was first looking into building her a "big girl bed," I found this AWESOME plan over at The Design Confidential. I was CONVINCED that this bed was perfect, and that I would be making it THAT. DAY. (see my comments in the comment section? I even GOT to Blue and started loading the lumber cart). However, the lumber for the bed was much more than $60, and the 4x4 posts for the legs weren't counted for, throwing the total cost of the bed into triple digits here in the desert... Hubby had given me a budget of $50, and I could've gone about $10 over, but more than doubling it was out of the question...

So it was back to the drawing board, and slowly the urgency to build her a new bed faded.

When Ana White posted the Lydia Daybed, I imagined it in the baby's room when she gets older. The big kid has a more contemporary vibe in her room with clean lines and very little "fuss".  The vibe suits her, so I was AMAZED when she asked me to build the Lydia bed, "but with a [hand action, like she's pulling something] bed UNDER, too" - she wanted a trundle bed!

So I priced everything out, and again... we were into the triple digits. But someone posted on Facebook that Orchard Supply Company had a $20 off $50 coupon and that Blue and Orange took competitor's coupons. NO FRICKIN' WAY!!! I waited until the last day the coupon was valid (of course), and convinced hubby that we NEEDED to use it. He gave me the go-ahead, and I made two trips to Blue and got everything I needed (I even remembered castor wheels! DO NOT ask me how!). The total for the bed and the trundle and the white paint was just over $60. Seriously, there was more than one happy dance over the next couple days.. I even snuck away to do it a few times..

I think it took me three or four days to build/paint (had to do it while the baby was sleepin'), but it turned out great! Everyone but my hubby sneaks in there and lays down...

(the baby, sneaking' in to get some time on the bed)

I didn't do the trundle until a few weeks later (like... 3 days ago :-p), but there was limited space to build. It still needs painted, but... that's probably gonna take a few more weeks.

(the cat, bed time)

 This "handle" is TOTALLY unnecessary, but my hand jerked when I was cutting this out, so I "made it work" (thanks, Tim Gunn).

 A bunch of little imperfections, but you really can't tell. And if you can, it just shows that it was built by me and with love (come on, collectively: "AAWWWWWWWWW").

Next in here is to paint the walls Flemish Sky by Olympic

and make a rug with this tutorial by Mandi @ Vintage Revivals using these rugs from Anna's Linens (probably pink and purple, but I might just get cool and do pink OR purple with blue).

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