Friday, May 6, 2011

Catching up

There have been a few "projects" around the house that hI've gotten done, but I really didn't want to share until the entire rooms were finished....

Since I have ADD and can't do just one thing at a time, I would NEVER update this blog, so I guess I have to share!

For the longest time, there was nothing on my living room walls. NOTHING.  I just wasn't sure how to decorate them with the newest furniture arrangement (which I still don't like).

Right where the loveseat ends is the door to the kitchen, and then the highest point of the roof is about two feet to the left of the couch and the middle of the wall is exactly where the other side of the loveseat ends (I confused myself)... Anyhow, that made it so difficult to figure out where anything would be hung. If whatever was being hung was going to be right over the loveseat, there would be an enormous empty spot to the left of it. If I did it on the middle of the wall, it wouldn't "go" with the loveseat.... and then there's the random high spot on the roof that just made it all the harder to deal with (the loveseat "feet" are still unstained, even!)....

So that was our living room. For a LOOONNGG time.

Then we got two chairs to "enclose" the space (I like living rooms that feel cozy, so there needed to be a "barrier" between the seating area and the hallways). And there was an enormous empty area on the wall (this was where I'd built the easel for in a previous post), so I built this shelf.

But still, there was nothing on the WALLS.
Target had these awesome pictures that I replicated 

But that wall could've gone un-touched...

And then it came to me!

Just do a row of frames across the loveseat wall! That way it wasn't going in relation to any one, certain thing and didn't draw attention to the awkwardness of that wall!

(Six Ribba frames from Ikea - 11x14. $9.99/each!)

And opposite, I wanted to do something very whimsical (since the whole living room was getting a little too serious/symmetrical). I bought 3 packs of round frames from Target and laid out a pattern on the floor, rearranging until I liked it. In my head, it looks like the "magic sparkles" that come from the end of a fairy wand in cartoons. Or like the seeds of a dandelion blowing off in the wind. *sigh* it's so dreamy! My husband hates it, but... he's old and doesn't matter :-p

Now the most important wall is still unfinished, and I am at an absolute loss as to what to do about it... It needs something whimsical, yet grown up.... But not OLD. And it still has to look clean... This is the most important piece in the whole living room, because what's above the sofa always seems to set the tone for a room.... 

And then there's the darned plant ledge that is going to be the death of me!

Yeah, we leave our clothes on the floor... just keeping' it real... :-)

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