Saturday, January 29, 2011

Picture Display? Oh, how easel!

I know that there are people out there that say they don't like Pottery Barn (Phoebe...), but I don't believe them...

I know there are people who say that they nothing from Pottery Barn is worth the price they're asking, but I've gotten really good sales...

I know there are people who could never afford to furnish their house with everything they love from Pottery Barn, but I just say... "build it"

Love this?

src : pottery barn

Love this?

src :

Yeahhh.... neither did I.

Love this?

At $9?

Me too! Unfortunately it does NOT look good in my house, but I quickly found a taker for it! But when I saw that on ohhhh, I was in love. And I think with a few modifications, I can make one that works for me!

Instead of being 48" wide, I can make it 30.

Instead of being 58 1/2" tall, I can make it 40 (or leave the height alone... who knows?)

If I want it to be blue, or yellow, or green, purple or pink... I CAN!

Because I built it for $9. Including the hardware...

And the one with the PB specifications didn't work for me, so I can build one that does...

Can you get "perfect" from pottery barn?

Not always. But they sure have some GOOOOOOOD starting points!

I'll update when I make the one for MY space. A tutorial, plans, and finished photos.

For now, this li'l beauty gets to find a more perfect place.

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