Sunday, January 23, 2011

I WON! And Ayana Caddy.

I know I've mentioned this blog in a few posts (and since I only have about 6 posts, that's sayin' something), buuuutttt... I LOVE The Design Confidential! I followed Rayan (I keep calling her Marissa, but she seems to like Rayan better :-p) since her blog was "The Frugal Designer" - and was surprised with myself when I made SOME effort to keep following her (many pages I've started following have migrated elsewhere, and I just didn't care enough to go and resubscribe to their new site, remove my subscriptions to their previous site, and "like" their new Facebook page - too much work for my lazy fingers). But it's been worth it. She's great, and she helps me with stuff I'm usually too embarrassed to ask the hubby (he has high expectations of me, and when I ask stupid questions, he lets me know it's stupid).

Anyhow, she had a building contest last month (?) and i somehow won. Probably since I'm the only one that's submitted photos (and there are more! i just haven't gotten around to "finishing" everything else). So, I won by default, and got a $100 gift card to Lowe's in the mail the other day. YAY!


On another note, she blogged a plan that I started to build literally minutes after I saw her post.

I was planning on building some ledges for the bathroom (plans also on her site), but I just couldn't convince myself that those would look good in there. They just seemed like they'd be too chunky for the short proportions I needed. When I saw this plan, I KNEW I needed that for the bathroom! My daughter's hair ties and brushes were overtaking EVERYTHING! But the measurements weren't right, so I made it shorter and thinner and.....

it was still too big :-/ 

I mean, the caddy held all of her hair supplies & accessories, but it was just too big for the bathroom. I tried it in a few spots because I had painted it that pretty orange that I want to accent the bathroom with (I think I'm the only one on the planet that loves that color - it's called Sassy Peach, and it goes beautifully with my shower curtain). 

When I knew it wasn't going to work, I tried the caddy in a few other places. I tried to make it hold my make-up in my bathroom, but I already have a "caddy" for my make-up that came with a bag that I can just throw the whole caddy in for travel... So.. no.

Tried to have it hold my sewing supplies, but it was just awkward..

Craft supplies didn't fit..

Toys didn't fit...


Then baby goat needed her diaper changed...


This was more than perfect! I mean, except for the paint color... but all of her changing supplies were scattered throughout the house, and now I have one place for everything!!!! SCORE!!!!!!

I now have a great "baby station" that holds diapers and wipes, creams and ointments, thermometer, comb, aspirator and q-tips. And I can move it with ease.... Any time I want! I. just. love. it.

If you're a mom, and you only use your changing table for storage... this is for you :-p


  1. This is a genius use! i was thinking of making mine a tad wider and shorter and using it for different paper types and the bottom one as a "to be done" my soon to be completed craft space office!
    do you know i am currently using my v-frame shelf for my diaper storage and toy storage. it fits fabric bins perfectly and that fab little v shape hides the wipes...hahah
    oh and i LOVE that peach color. i have some plans for a peach color coming soon for myself! hoping it makes the hubs not want to be in the office! hehehe

  2. I love your profile. Love that you have that type of sense of humor. I'm the same way. Great blog by the way