Monday, January 26, 2015

DIY Bookseller Shelf

Happy Monday, everyone!

Since finishing the dresser for my master bedroom, it kinda pumped me up to getting the bedroom more functional. Something that I've been wanting to do for a few years is to create a nightstand based on the Pier 1 Bookseller's Shelf (which retails for $250)

Luckily, I had just the piece to use to create my own version.

While not an exact match (mine is more like the Ballard Designs version... or, maybe a happy mix of the two?), I was able to get the look by modifying an existing x book caddy. Remember this?

Well, after building Baby Goats' storage bed, we no longer needed a bookshelf in her bedroom. So this has been waiting patiently in my garage, awaiting it's new life as a nightstand.

And it was suuuuuper easy to do! If you want to build this piece, go build the x book caddy from (plans here) and then come back with an extra 1x2, a 1 x 12 x 4 and a couple hours.

All you're building is this

And it'll screw nicely around the x book caddy!

Cut List

2 - 1x2 @ 27" (back legs)
2 - 1x2 @ 19" (front legs)
2 - 1x2 @ 6 1/2" (top of sides)
2 - 1x2 @ 25 1/4* (stretchers) - cut this to match the width of your finished x book caddy
2 - 1x12 @ 8 1/2" (arcs)
1 - 1x12 @ 28" (top)

I always start with the arcs first, so that I can modify any other cuts to it (like, if I accidentally cut the arc too short, I can lengthen the adjoining board, or vice versa)

The best part of this is that this is the hardest part. Cut two of these (making sure to keep it 1 1/2" wide, consistently) with your jig saw.

And then build two of these, making sure they mirror each other (I put my kreg jig holes on the insides so they were easier to hide) using glue and 1 1/4" pocket hole screws.

Attach your aprons to the front and back of the legs using glue and 1 1/4" pocket hole screws.

And attach the top, leaving a 1/2" overhang on the back and even overhang on the sides. It's easiest to attach it from the bottom through the aprons using glue and 1 1/4" finish nails or screws.

When this is finished, it attaches through the x book caddy through the corners of the x.

Simple as that!

I had a tougher time finding somewhere in my house that didn't have wonky lighting so that I could photograph the darned thing. It will not live in my kitchen, this is my nightstand.

Maybe sharing all these Master Bedroom posts will be motivation enough to actually paint in there!

How's your bedroom looking? I hear all the time that the master is always neglected, please tell me that's true and that I'm not the only one!!


  1. Gina! This is gorgeous! Such a simple addition to the plan and it looks awesome! Also how did I miss all these blog posts, you are on a roll!

  2. Hi! Great build! I would like to build this myself but I'm unsure where to purchase the arc wood. Where did you get yours? Thanks!

    1. HI Breanne, thanks for stopping by!! The arcs are cut from a 1x12 (at 8 1/2"). The first step in the plan shows how to do it - if you have access to a jig saw, it's surprisingly easy to do! Trust me, if my shaky paws can do it, anyone can! Let me know if you need me to clear it up a little more!