Tuesday, October 15, 2013

1 bed, 2 days

The title of this post doesn't quite have the same impact as the one from the last time I built a bed using this plan ("2 beds, 3 days" for those just-as-lazy-as-me people that don't wanna click over), but really, I built a bed.


(Fun fact: I have now built every bed in my house - including doll beds! And the grand total for all of the beds in my house is under $500. That's 2 twin beds, a Cal King, a doll bed and a doll crib.)

We had a crib that converts to a toddler day bed, then to a twin headboard for Baby Goats. She loooooooooved her crib (to the point that she would ask us to put the crib side back on daily), but she was just getting to big for the standard crib mattress. Sure, we could've gone out and bought a metal frame and popped a mattress on it and called it done... But I don't ever make anything easy, do I?

Then I learned that one of Mr. Goats' friends was on the search for a crib, so I told him to see if they'd want to buy ours (thought process: sell the crib, use the money to build an awesomeR bed!). My evil scheme worked, but I dawdled on building the bed.

Uhh, HELLOOOOOO? I'm still doing Halloween decorations!

All of my dawdling caught up to me, and I was told they wanted the crib in a week.


We had a 3 day trip to San Diego planned, I still hadn't packed for it, and there is no way I was going to build a bed the day we get back (road trips = exhausting). That meant that 5 days were already spoken for.

Luckily, Baby Goats picked a bed I'd already built before!

I did the same thing that I did last time, and bought two sheets of plywood for the bed. This time I used Purebond plywood because I now know of the formaldehyde that lives in plywood, and Purebond is not only formaldehyde-free, but probably the most beautiful plywood I've ever seen!

I also made the footboard an inch and a half taller and the headboard 4 inches shorter. These proportions appealed to me more than the original plan.

Two days after starting my project, I had this.

This wasn't assembled, just propped together for the picture, because moving an assembled bed into her room would have been impossible.

So, the bed was built and all was well with the world.

Except that it wasn't.

See, Baby Goats had told me when deciding on her bed that she wanted a white bed. Right before I was to begin painting, she decided to change her mind and request a blue bed.

Yeah, no. I had the white paint and was ready to DO this (remember my deadline?). So we made a deal! She was going to have a white bed, but she could have a blue room!

She slept in a pastel blue/purple room that night. The next day, she said she wanted the room to be the color of a lantern (which ended up being Valspar's Bayside).

And after the initial shock to my system, I love the color!

And... I know it'll be a little less shocking when I get some decor on her walls.

Wait, lemme post this once more.

Find the plans for this bed here.

Have you had any deadlines sneak up on ya? Was it the most holy-cow-make-it-work moment of your life?

I think this one's "up there" on mine!


  1. Love the "bedspread cover"!! I debated doing the same for my king bed!! Hehe! Overall, the room & bed looks amazing!

    1. Thanks, Kimberly! I think that would look better on a King than a twin! Love the idea!

  2. Great build and great colors!

  3. First, LOVE the room! I'm doing a variation of this bed, and I had a simple question. Since the plans call for the platform to be 75" long, is there any issue with the bed fitting on there since the bed is 75" long as well? I just want to make sure that the fit is right and that I don't need to add in say 1/2" to the plans. Thanks!

    1. Hi Michael! Thanks for stopping by! No, I've had no issues with the 75 inch bed. Remember! The plans only have enough materials in them for one set of cubbies… So double it to get too! Best of luck with your build!

    2. Just a follow-up: Have you had any issue with the paint rubbing off onto the mattress from the top of the platform? I have the same Valspar Ultra White, semi gloss. Thanks!

    3. Nope! As long as you wait for the paint to cure, you'll have no problems. Xoxo

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