Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What Sucks About Changing Things

I think we all know the feeling. You paint something or buy something new, and suddenly! All of the "old" stuff looks... old. Or the new and old clash. And you can't just leave it!

My little graveyard has been... little. The crosses were little, the fence was little, but the scale of every-little-thing worked. 

Then I brought in these guys, and my teeny tiny wooden fence just didn't work anymore. 

So I had to come up with a new one!

(excuse the crappy picture - I can't find my memory card)

Which is just PVC pipes hot glued together, and the columns are made from 1x1s and foam board from Dollar Tree (all repurposed, so no out of pocket cost for these - still have to build "caps" for them!). 

Then, this fence needed *something*, because it just wasn't cutting it....

So I dismembered a $10 skeleton (was actually $5 because I bought it when the Halloween stuff was 50% off at Michael's) and reused some chain from a 99C Only hanging prop and created lantern holders. 

Because of the new cemetery and fence, I wanted to find somewhere to display the OG cemetery. 

It's not that I'm sentimental... But they're so crummy, I can't even give them away. 

I put them in a small "nook" in the yard, that actually houses them quite nicely! HOWEVER! This is where I put the large coffin that I built last year...

So I now have a homeless coffin... 

All this because I wanted new headstones. 

Have you replaced something recently that created a whole list of to-dos? Was it holiday-related? Do share!


  1. Next year, I'm doing Halloween mini-sessions in your yard. Just a heads up.

  2. Lol! I love it and yes, I just posted a project that created another project! But it is all worth it in the end right!? I love your graveyard, you are so awesome!

  3. Haaa i love your outdoor decor its nice project to do with halloween. I love this post so much.