Sunday, February 9, 2014

Wanna Trestle?

You guys!

The big kid is... big.


This is how she does her homework because she just doesn't fit the Ikea table/chair set that I had in the play room.

The poor thing hasn't said a thing about how uncomfortable the homework situation was, but after walking in on her sitting like this, I realized that something needed to be done.

Remember when I tried a round table for the play room?

And it was just all wrong?

That kinda scared me away from trying other tables in there. But I took some time to "research" the best types of tables for a window seat, and it seems the consensus is a pedestal table. I think it's because they allow you to get to your seat more comfortably than traditional, four-legged tables (totally pictured a dog head on a table there). So I googled pedestal tables and desks and couldn't find anything that I loved. Guess that's just not really my style. So I asked the big kid what she wanted, and she said that she loved Ana White's triple pedestal table (built by Shanty2Chic).

But I knew that I couldn't follow the plans for that.

The plans are for quite a substantial dining room table, and I needed a substantially more petite table to work in my teeny play room, so I glanced through the plans and then went to find some stress relief in building a table.

I got the table built in about 3 hours (and only took so long because I was wingin' it), but wasn't sure if I wanted the top, curved pieces. It took trimming out the table top to make those not look silly, but they're there.

Spent about 5 days finishing it (12+ hours between stain, urethane coats with steel wool buffing in between definitely made this table nearly a weeklong project). You already saw this if you follow me on Facebook.

And here's the finished table!

The big kid is thrilled that she can sit at the window seat and do her homework comfortably while I figure out what kind of seat we want for the other side of the table.

I gotta admit, I'm thrilled that she can sit comfortably, too!

The seating options are frustrating me a little right now.

The computer chair and dining chair are both too tall for the space, and obviously the little Ikea chair is too small. But that's gotta be figured out, and quickly, so I'll keep you posted.

Did you finish any completely necessary projects over the weekend?

Or any projects at all? Do share!

**UPDATE!** Chair has been built, upholstered and blogged about here.

And plans for the table are blogged here!

Go check 'em out!


  1. I know I commented on this yesterday but nothing is here! Hmmmmmmm...... Anyway, great job on the table!

    1. Well I didn't get an email notifying me of a comment, but thank you for coming back and commenting again! I love it when you stop by!

  2. It is super cute!! I love how you made it so small! You have serious talent! And I checked out your last post, I can't wait to see those built in's someday! Great job! And Yes I finished making over my master bedroom closet last weekend. It was necessary to finish because a month without a closet is just too long, but it is done, and I love it! Happy Valentine's day Gina!

    1. You're so sweet, Mindi. Thank you! I can't imagine not having use of a closet for a month.... eeeeeesh! I'm off to check it out now (assuming you've posted it?). :-) Thanks for coming over, girly!

  3. Gina, the table looks great and is the perfect proportion for the window seat. I had seen this build on Ana White and KNEW you had also built the chair. I'm heading over there now to check it out. Excellent job!