Monday, January 6, 2014

I Solemnly Swear that I am Up to No Good!

If this were the Marauder's Map of the Lady Goats blog, we'd be shown the blueprints of... everything. Since it's not (and since not everyone's read Harry Potter), I guess I'll clarify that I'm not necessarily up to no good. Just not up to any good worth writing a full blog post about!

However, I'll share some of the things I've been up to (mostly instagram-style, since I didn't plan on writing posts on all of these)!

First, I changed the feet on my bed.

The hardware that I put on the bed per the plans was flimsy. Pair that with tall, narrow feet, and there wasn't much hope for keeping it sturdy with how rough we are with furniture. It was getting quite wobbly, and every time anyone would roll over, the whole bed would sway.


So I grabbed a 4x4 post from Lowe's and cut 6" feet. To get them to sit flush with the outsides of the bed, I notched 2" x 3/4" along the top and screwed them in to the bed frame from the inside.

(that interesting set-up is what happens when I work by myself. I'm not known for my muscles...)

I need to stain them, still, but it's a huge improvement in stability (I prefer the short, chunkier feet, too!). We can now launch into the bed and jump to our heart's content (which we do, believe me... kids love jumping on beds!) and there's no wobbling!

Next, we changed the faucet in our kitchen. It started out simply enough! I was just going to change the o-ring in the original faucet, which was leaking. I wouldn't have even started this project if I knew of the chaos that would ensue, but it ended up being a big deal, where Mr. Goats changed the valves to the water lines (just the fact that he thought to do that freaked me out, but he rocked this!), the water lines and the entire faucet (we got this one).

Ain't she purdy?

That would have been worth writing a full post about if I had photographed it all. But trying to describe parts (Crappy Plastic Faucet Nuts, anyone?) without a photo just... you'd hate me.

And I built two floating shelves for my neighbors.

They needed a corner shelf and a 11" square shelf for some cable boxes in their rooms, and I had all the supplies, so I whipped these up. Definitely put more effort into them than I would have if they were for my own home (I inset the plywood so we wouldn't see the plywood edges and mitered the corners on the square shelf, but building for others just makes one do better, I guess!). I'm not sure if I'll get any photos of them hung, but you can get the general idea of how to build floating shelves here.

Finally, I'm in the planning stages of built-ins for Baby Goats' room.

I want to copy everything about this room from Seagrass Interiors

But brick floors and planked walls aren't gonna fly here, so the built-ins are gonna have to do! I took the dimensions of Baby Goats' room and drew this up in Google SketchUp.

Just get to draw up a cut list and git 'er done!

Have you started any new projects goin' into the New Year?

Oh! *Mischief Managed*


  1. Well hello stranger! I wondered where you have been! I see paint swatches on the bedroom wall. 'Splain Lucy!

    1. Yes, yes. I went through a phase where I thought I wanted an ultra-dark color in my bedroom (on at least one wall), but I think I'm over it. I may do a small wall (the room has a few weird angles, so there are a couple places I could do an accent wall), but I'm not sure I'm still diggin' the thought. How're you, Lisa?!

  2. I've been thinking to do a similar project, in my dining area though. I found these step-by-step instructions. Check it out!