Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's Christmas [Tree] Time in the City

When I first saw this ornament holder from crate&barrel, my first thought was, "I need that!"

Then I remembered that I have a teeny house and not a lot of places to stick that... especially if I wanna display any of my other holiday decor, soooooo... what's a girl to do?

Make a christmas tree with absolutely no idea what you're going to do with it...!

Luckily Mr. Goats and I were just saying that we needed something else to decorate the front of the house because it's lookin' kinda "blah", so I decided I'd make an lighted decoration with it.

It got a coat of green spray paint and an extra string of LED lights stapled to it.

They were just stapled to the side - nothing precise (we already know I'm not that kinda girl).

But this whole thing was starting to look like an arrow.

Who sees this with a "Please Use Other Door" sign?

A festive "Please Use Other Door" sign....

To remedy the arrow... ness... of it, I figured that a star on top would define this as a Christmas tree. I traced a random star I had laying around the house (oh, the joys of having young children!) and rearranged the remaining lights on the strand so that the orange and yellow ones were closest to the top of the tree. Then I drilled holes in the star (without bothering to paint it yellow) so that the lights could shine through.

It had to go inside the widow (didn't wanna drill into the stucco just for this decoration), but I really like the little added detail it gives to the house.

(note to self: go move the wire out of the way)

If you want to make a super quick/easy lighted tree decoration, here's a quick guide to help (I ripped a 1x2 in half on my table saw, creating two 1x1s, but you could easily do this with a 1x2 with beveled cuts)

The best part of this decoration is that it'd be super cheap to make (was free for me). You just need a 1x2, and strand of lights, some staples and spray paint.

What holiday decor projects are you knockin' off your list?


  1. Very cute and easy! Great job! I'm wondering about stringing jute through the 1x2's to add some bulbs and decorations - kinda like the example. Hmmm, now to go find me a few scrap 1x2's..... :-)

    1. I looooove the crate&barrel one! I was thinking about stringing wire through it to either hold ornaments, or, how cute would this look holding holiday cards?!?!?! If you make one, I wanna see! You've gotta have an extra 1x2 layin' around.. ;-)