Monday, December 17, 2012

Closing Up Shop

**I can't share a holiday project that I wanted to in wake of Friday's tragedy. My heart is still clenched and thinking of celebrating right now feels so unnatural... May share when I return, or it may wait until next season.**

Hey everyone! I'll be leaving to visit my sister in the next couple of days, and will have no time for any projects until close to or after New Year.

Now, that's not saying that I won't get any projects done while I'm visiting my sister. Let's face it, my step-dad and I have taken on projects that past few times I've been up there.

We did two beds in 3 days....

PB inspired trunk.

And there are talks of shelves right now.

I'll be back up and blogging shortly after New Year, but if you want to stay informed, click on the feedburner symbol to the right (or just click here, it's easier) to get an update when I'm back.

Until then, Happy Holidays from the Goats family!!!!

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