Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Zebra Shelf

I've been trying to figure out how to contain the big kid's backpack/shoes/jackets when she comes home from school. If you've got kids in school, you probably have the same problem? It lands in a pile. By the door. And it's not pretty.

But there's no real place to PUT it!

When I saw Ana White's Vintage Shelf with Hooks, I literally ran outside to gather scraps to build it. She posted it mid-day, and I had it built before the little kid was in bed (she goes to bed SUPER early). It was THAT easy.

The kid is in LOVE with cats and zebra print. Not that you couldn't tell....

I bought these hooks at Lowe's for about $3.20 for both. That was the total amount spent on the project, since I had everything else.

And I suck at distressing, but the kid's been in love with like EVERYTHING at Hobby Lobby, so I tried to match it.

I hung it at kid's console table height, so she can hang her junk on the hooks, and throw whatever she wants on top.

For now, it's cats.

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