Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More trivial decorating above kitchen cabinet posts... Excited?

Yes, we're going back to my kitchen for a while. Remember how I totally thought I'd figured out what I was going to do above my kitchen cabinets

Well, that was about as far as I got. I haven't done anything else up there since August.

This is how it looked until last night (aside from me painting the lids of the milk bottles on the left). 

I was standing at my table, thinking, "Man, I REALLY need to add something up there!"

And then I remembered that my sister suggested adding more silhouettes (maybe to mirror the dining room wall art which is on the wall directly behind me when I took this photo?) symmetrically to fill up the big, empty spaces above the outsides of the cubbies.

So I taped some paper together in the dimensions she'd suggested, and then taped them to the wall.

And immediately hated it. 

I couldn't tell if it's because it was too busy up there, if the paper was just too white, or if I just wasn't used to it.

But my friend said she liked it, Mr. Goats said that HE liked it, and my sister said... "it would be fine"... 

And then she suggested that I make them bigger!!!

Ok, not quite what I was thinking... I thought it just looked like there was too much up there and adding MORE wasn't where we should be going with this. But I stared at it long enough to convince myself that they should be a little bigger.

So I got back up and taped more paper.

And decided that I liked where this was going. Oh, and if they seem "off" to you, don't question your eye sight. It's totally me. I'm a master of not hanging things evenly. 

So, while I'm still not positive that this will be what I ultimately put up there, I figured I'd at least play around with it. I've got some more options to consider, like if I want them to be white or a lighter version of the paint color behind it, what color I should paint the utensils... and even which utensils to use!

Should I do a whisk and a cork screw?

A rolling pin and a cork screw?

Or totally be lame, and throw a shopping cart up there?!

(totally kidding about the cart - it was a shape in Photoshop... and they didn't even have any utensils! What IS that?!)

So I think I'll sit with this for a couple days, and paint the wall to the left in the mean time, so I can figure out what to do up there.

What are your thoughts? What do YOU do above your kitchen cabinets?


  1. You are too funny. My initial thought when you put the first paper up there was that it wouldn't do because it was too small. I was glad to see as I continued to read that you went bigger. I think you need some color up there. White would be too muted because the cabinetry is such a bold color, but that's my take on it. I say go bold or go home, lol!

  2. Are you sold on the cubbies? I think some fake plants would look fab up there...TOTALLY kidding! I think removing the cubbies and putting a large piece of art up there would look good. Something horizontal spanning maybe 2/3 the length of your cabniets and not too tall would work....but what do I know I do the whole "I ran out of storage" thing above my cabs. lol.

    1. Haha! I was gonna die if you were serious about fake plants! :-p

      I'm not sold on anything. I have yet to see anything that makes me go, "You know what? THAT looks nice!"

      My neighbor has a big picture above hers (we have the same layout), and it doesn't look BAD, I just think it makes her whole kitchen feel shorter and less airy... But I may need to rethink the whole cubby thing.. I'm starting to think that they make it look like I'VE run out of storage. Eeeesh.

  3. I think you should paint the wall. You have a lot of white and light colored decorations up there that just blend into the wall. After you put paint up there they will pop out more. You could use a cool color and still keep your light and airy feel. If you want the alive and fresh feel but don't like fake plants maybe a shade of green would be nice.