Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thinking about Wordpress..

I'm on Blogger o'er here, and I just can't find a good layout. Everything's so generic and lame. My other blog (yes, the one that hasn't been updated in over a YEAR) is on Wordpress... and I see so many awesome blogs (that are customized AMAZINGLY).

So, let's think through this, ok?

*It's going to take a little more effort than I want to make to migrate over to Wordpress. Which, basically means any effort because I'm a lazy bum.

*It's going to take a little effort to design the blog I want once I get over to Wordpress.

*I've been thinking about this for a month, and have still not found the motivation to do it. So who's saying that I EVER will?

*The more blog entries I write equals more effort to put into the migration, so this lame-o post is hindering me more than helping so far!

But! What's that saying? "Put it out in the universe"?? (yeah, i probably totally screwed that up)...

So here, universe. Take it and do what you will with it.

I'm gettin' coffee.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mood Board, take I

Or, technically two, since I did this for my own house...

A good friend of mine asked me for some help in decorating her home with stuff from IKEA! She's kind of like me in that we just love SOOOOO many different styles (although I think her range of styles FAR exceeds mine, I'm limited)... so putting together a room that GOES but isn't matchy/matchy is HARD!

I don't really have anywhere to save all the links in one place to where it makes sense except here, so here's what you're getting today.

Our Ikea furnishings on a li'l budget!

I need to start this off by saying that I KNOW I STOLE MANDI @ VINTAGE REVIVALS IDEA! But I've loved that rug even BEFORE she painted it, and loved it even MORE when she added some YELLOW! (In this case I went ORANGE, because my friend loves green & orange so I went heavy on the orange ;-)) The sofa in the picture is already owned by my friend, so I can't tell you where to find one. But nearly everything else in this requires nothing more than a field trip to your nearest Ikea store.

The TV stand is actually the Billy bookcase with doors (I chose white because it's substantially cheaper than all the other colors, and I fully expect her to paint it, so it doesn't matter!) ($149.97)

Then add a few mid-century table legs ($5.95-9.50)

And of course som Kassett storage boxes ($9.99/2)

The rug (that Mandi allowed me to steal her idea with) is the Gislev Rug ($19.99)

The storage end table is the Hol side table ($34.99) and the white one (also expected to be painted) is the Lack side table ($7.99)

We've got a grouping of three 8x10 Ribba frames ($4.99/each) that would look amazing painted orange OR left birch if gone with the Hol side table.

There's another "grouping" of Herrang candle holders ($14.99/each)

On the wall, there's the Figgjo mirror ($19.99) and the Pjatteryd picture above the couch ($49.99)

The lamp in the photo is kinda stuck there because we couldn't find a good shade for the lamp she LOVES, which is the Ekarp table lamp ($9.99)

Annnndd... the pillows were thrown on here from either the target or walmart website, but those are alllll her.

So.. All that for under $220! ...if I did my math right... which I'm not even going to bother going back and checking....

Friday, July 22, 2011

Understatement of the year...

I've been busy.

Ok, that's an under AND an overstatement. I've got a lot goin' on. But I haven't been working on it constantly. So I'm "busy," but lazily... Got it?

'Course ya do.

So what have I been doing, you ask? Oh... not much... Only finally getting around to decorating my kitchen. Which is what the cubbies in the last post was for... And I bought some new curtains from Ikea. They're rockin'. I even dyed 'em yellow!

And you know what?

They look like they belong in a country style kitchen..

I couldn't get a good picture with the lighting, but it really does make my amazing blue wall look green. NOT COOL. And outside the window you can see another project I've been working on.

A corner unit for my hubbies uncle (yep, you guessed it - this guy's partner).

I've also settled on Revere Pewter for the kitchen walls...

(an amazing greige)

And... I found some flour bugs in my pantry... so I painted it!

I'm definitely going to save all of THAT fun stuff for another post ;-)